REVIEW: Shomin Sample ‘Is this not the sky that Kimito-sama was looking at?’ – So formulaic

Summary: Reiko offers to give Kimito one-on-one tutoring to help him with his flower arranging class. Reiko’s mother and brother come to visit the school, with news that promises to change Reiko’s life forever.

Now for the those following at home, the main complaint levied against this show is how much it follows a formula. This point is truly solidified with today’s episode as the all too predictable “false drama penultimate episode” airs. What does this have to do with anything? You will soon find out.

See in a harem show there is often an episode right before the last one wherein a dramatic event threatens to change the lives of the characters in a very permanent fashion. Now if all the manga is complete there is a small change the change will be permanent and the story will evolve or come to an end entirely. Unfortunately, Shomin Sample is still in publication this means despite the fact it seems like the characters are about to change they aren’t. This makes the show less than entertaining to sit through because all the talk about Reiko having endure an arranged marriage will be a mute storyline by the end of episode 12.

Tune in next time when a marriage between two rich families is called off because the cast doesn’t want to see anything change and there is absolutely no repercussions for it at all. No, it’s not a joke, but a safe bet how this is how the series will come to a close. Can this show please just end.

Shomin Sample is streaming at Funimation.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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