Review: “Shomin Sample” – Episode 2

This episode picks up with Kimito getting used to his usual day at the Seikan Academy. Activities include getting woken up by a maid, who immediately remarks how much she hates him and having to use the backdoor because the girls at the school would surround him out of curiosity. After that, it’s pretty much just Kimito getting used to being in a school with nothing but rich girls. This time around we marvel at the fact that the girls have never eaten cup ramen before (which is basically just the instant coffee joke from Ouran High School Host Club with a different cheap food as a substitute). Reiko feels the occasion is so special that they need to break out the good dinner wear in order to enjoy it properly.

The main focus of this episode is to point out where the two main females are on the social hierarchy. Reiko is the typical “Queen of the School” character who can do no wrong in the eyes of others. Meanwhile on the other end of the scale, Aika so shy and reserved around others she prefers to eat her lunch on the toilet. Poor girl.

More relationship development occurs as Kimito gets to know both Reiko and Aika better. Aika learns about manga and starts to believe High Schools commoners have psychic powers. Kimito takes advantage of her gullibility and makes her believe she can stop time. This leads to Aika flashing her panties and when she finds out she’s been played, Kimito gets slapped. Meanwhile with Reiko, Kimito shares a dance at his welcome party and sees her naked in the shower. This leads to Reiko falling in love with him because…anime logic?

It’s a series that fun so far but harem tropes are already in play. This will probably not be the show that breaks the mold but will instead be one that will appeal to those that love this particular genre. For now there are worse things that anime fan can be watching this season.

Shomin Sample is simulcast streaming from Funimation.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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