Review: ‘Shomin Sample’ Episode 1

For some reason Japan makes it a point to showcase being surrounded by a bunch of women who wish to shower men with love and devotion is somehow a bad thing. Our latest evidence for this theory comes in the form of the new show Ore ga Ojo-sama Gakko ni “Shomin Sample” Toshite Gets Sareta Ken which translates to I was abducted by an Elite All-Girls School as a Sample Commoner. Fans will probably just end calling it by its nickname of Shomin Sample</em> just so they can save breath.

The story introduces Kimito Kagurazaka who, as the title suggests, has been abducted to be the “Sample Commoner” at a prestigious all girls academy called Seikan Academy. Thanks to their elite life style and lack of contact with the opposite gender, the school is finding that once their girls do get out in the rule world they are so overwhelmed by what they see they degenerate into internet addicted shut ins. How social awkward yet surprisingly proper are they are they you might ask? After inspecting Kimito’s cell phone (a device they have never seen before) for just a moment, one girl in the class returns it with a handwritten thank you note and cookies, all in a box you’d see at a fancy department store. Rich people problems right?

Hoping to rectify this, Kimito will be there to instruct the girls on what it’s like living in the outside world. Thanks to his annoying childhood friend Eri, the school believes Kimito is not only gay but has a severe muscle fetish. A delusion he has no choice but to go along with as the sadistic maid, Miyuki Kuju has threatened to remove his genitals to protect the girls of the school if he is indeed straight. “I love muscles,” is Kimito’s immediate response. Smart man.

Kimito is also dragged off by girl named Aika who demands he kiss her. Not because she loves him but because someone told her that kissing a commoner would grant her a wish. The girl is incredibly gullible. Her wish? To become the most popular on campus. She decides that she will work with Kimito and form “The Commoner Club” where Kimito will teach her all about commoners on a more private level so she can become the wisest and thereby most popular girl on campus.

The show is more than your average Harem show. Kimito as a guy with a normal healthy libido and a love of women’s thighs would probably love to show his affections for the girls but doesn’t wish to lose his genitals. The show is fun and has an innocent to it that is entertaining and should provide the of school fun for those who are searching for this kind of show in the fall season.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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