REVIEW: Shomin Sample ‘Aika-sama has a lot of friends’ – But still remains average

Shomin Sample ‘Aika-sama has a lot of friends’
While having their fortunes told by Kimito’s phone, the girls discover that it can also predict their compatibility with members of the opposite sex. After Kimito asks Kujo to stop waking him in her usual manner, she is reluctant.

Luckily this time around actual funny jokes decided to make a reappearance. Characters using fortune telling as a plot device may be nothing new (which is the main complaint that bears repeating with this show is the lack of new material) but seeing the girls overreact to their results is very entertaining. Unfortunately, the Sailor Moon reference may have some audience members wishing they were watching it instead of Shomin Sample.

This episode quickly becomes a Karen episode after she gets the highest scores on the fortune telling game. Unfortunately, she believes this means she needs to use her sword and slice apart the room to get Kimoto’s heart. Damaging his shirt in the process, Karen displays her gentler side by sewing it up for him while wearing the outfit she got in the previous episode. It’s a cute scene but since she’s not the main girl in this show, she won’t be the one Kimito picks in the end. Sorry Karen fans but this show is operating on old school Harem trope rules so that shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Kujo, the maid, is back with her scissors of the death. Despite the fact it has been revealed she wakes Kimito up every morning with a kiss, it appears as if she won’t be showing her softer side anytime in the future. With the anime over half complete, she may never have an opportunity to show how she feels.

In the end, the series remains average. There were more comedic movements than previous episodes which is why the score is higher but still the show is barely above passing. It feels like is doesn’t want to be anything more than average for some reason yet it seems to possess the potential to do more.

Shomin Sample is streaming at Funimation.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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