Shadowman #7 enthralls readers with a sense of dread before it cleverly replaces it with a hopeful comeback.

Review: SHADOWMAN #7 – A Hopeful Suspense

Shadowman #7 from Valiant Entertainment was released to comic stores on March 16th. In this penultimate issue, readers become enthralled with the overwhelming presence of the Deadside, accompanied by a sense of hope for the finale.


Jack Boniface (Shadowman) tried his best to find peaceful coexistence with the embodiment of the Deadside. But this seemingly all powerful spirit only wants to dominate the living world. Now it looks like nothing can stop her.

Shadowman #7: A Scenic Meditation

Shadowman #7 broodingCullen Bunn makes Shadowman #7 a genuine crisis of faith after the worst comes to pass. Since the resolution of the last arc, the Deadside spirit feels like an unstoppable force that permeates everything. There’s a strong sense of failure that allows readers to empathize with Shadowman as he’s contemplating his actions. But this same situation also allows readers to feel a sense of hope through some serious self-reflection, thanks to the Shadow Loa empowering our protagonist. It feels reminiscent of finding inner strength and inspiration during such a crisis. This all sets up a finale that readers cannot afford to miss.

Ever Chaotic Sets

Shadowman #7 best artThe artwork by Pedro Andreo presents a setting so chaotic, it feels like moving through a war zone. With so much going on in Shadowman #7 readers get a genuine sense of the conflict through panel layouts. One of the best examples comes in a two page spread with varying images. The best picture looks like a moment of triumph only to come tumbling down as smaller dynamically placed panels disrupt this small victory. It helps that the coloring by Jordie Bellaire makes these moments stand out with bright magic spells and silhouettes that bring a sense of contrast.

A special mention should go to Clayton Cowles’ lettering. Throughout Shadowman #7, the titular character’s inner monologue gives weight to every situation. Each word reflects the situation at hand with a sense of cynicism. It allows readers to genuinely connect with Jack in his hopelessness. Just the way captions are positioned in a two page spread, away from a triumphant moment, echoes a feeling of defeat. But when Shadowman speaks in an actual word balloon, it signals a return to his confidence after a lot of self-reflection.

Prepare Yourself in Shadowman #7

Shadowman #7 feels like the climax to everything this run hopes to achieve. With an atmosphere that readers can’t help but engage with, it allows them to feel the character’s struggles and triumphs. Now that Shadowman has reaffirmed his beliefs, there’s a killer sense of anticipation for the finale.

Jake Palermo
Jake Palermo
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Shadowman #7 enthralls readers with a sense of dread before it cleverly replaces it with a hopeful comeback.Review: SHADOWMAN #7 - A Hopeful Suspense