Review: ‘Satellite Falling’ #3: Team Building Exercise

We look to the past, as Lilly and Eva deal with an ugly truth about a fallen Earth. In the present, Lilly recruits a team to spy on that huge ship on the far side of the gas giant…and find out just what they want!


This issue really helps to open up the universe of Satellite further. First it shows Lilly and her time with Eva, and from there she gets a team together to take care of business. It’s good to see she has those she can rely on when times get tough. A lone wolf character can only go so far without needing some kind of back up now and then.

There also is a scene in this issue which really touches on a political topic. No spoilers but it shows that the more humanity grows, the more they stay the same. Top marks to Steve Horton for cutting deep with this one. I was not expecting it, but sometimes it’s the messages we don’t plan to take away which are the best to discover.


Satellite Falling


Once again artist Stephen Thompson knocks it out of the park with the detail work he puts into this issue. On top of little bits, like showing characters distraught or upset through panels without any type of dialog, he also makes it a point to have a perfect mixture of panels with action and discussion in the course of this issue. Also, bonus points for seeming to pay homage to the classic scene from Blade Runner when Deckard is picked up at the noodle shop by the police. Little touches like this really make it better to reread the issue and take in all the details Thompson has managed to sneak in.


After the revelation in the previous issue, this one was all about gearing up and getting ready to go on an adventure. Frankly, the build up alone is intense and it will be great seeing where Lilly will go from here with her new team. This series had a slow start but now it’s firing on all cylinders and is a title I can highly recommend for anyone who enjoys good science fiction.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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