Review: Sakurako-san Episode 7 – Another Disapointment

I have to admit, I was kind of looking forward to Sakurako-san Episode 7. In the roller-coaster of quality this show has offered, the first episode of two parters have been the strongest (though my only evidence was Episode 4). So I was hoping this episode, Sakurako-san Episode 7, would reach another peak for the show. However, I was more than a little disappointed by this episode… you’ll see.

Review of Sakurako-san Episode 7

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Shoutaro, dear, those glasses do not suit you

Immediately I was shocked at just how predictable those show is. During the OP (Opening) I decided to make a prediction: Our teacher friend is featured in the opening and was introduced last episode, so this arc must be his right? Well… kinda. I was right (Wow, it’s like I’m Nostradamus or something!), but so far there doesn’t seem to be much development, like at all.

Now, we all know one of the rules of anime, “Thou shalt have either a onsen, beach, festival, or school festival episode.” But, Sakurako-san seems to be ahead of the curve on this one, we get a festival and a school festival episode back-to-back! Yay…

Before we get to the story itself, allow me to nitpick a few things.

Shoutaro mentions that until ten years ago the school was an all-girls school, thus the girls in this school are really assertive. But, none of the students were there ten years ago, ten years is multiple high-school generations, in no way should the girls have this confidence due to the schools previous identity.

While defending the sanctity of bones and why they are set up, Sakurako says “It’s to teach others how they support and move the body!” But this is incorrect, for a bone expert, you’d think she’d know that bones don’t actually move the body. It’s the muscles that attach to the bones that do the moving. Get your anatomy together Sakurako.

Shoutaro’s class should really be pissed at him for completely ditching them. He didn’t even let them know, just leaves to clean a room full of bones. Considering how sensitive they were about time earlier, he should be dead meat.

The police should be way more suspicious of Sakurako considering just how many murdered corpses she’s found. Like seriously, we know Utsumi is incompetent but the entire police force?

For a show that claim’s it’s “Dedicated to those stuck in the past” this show is pretty sentimental. Sakurako with this Soutaro character, her cat, and so man other things. It’s kinda ironic, but I wonder if it’s intentional.

Whew, sorry, I just had to get that off my chest, I had a lot to cover, and this is after filtering some out. Geez. As for the rest of this article, I’ll cover the story itself, reveal the reason I’ve discovered as to why I don’t like Sakurako, and reveal a secret I found in the ending song.

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The majority of the story given to us in Sakurako-san Episode 7, the story about this old teacher and Natsuko, is not really worth talking about. What information has been presented is not enough to discus in a satisfactory manner, nor is this show worth speculating on. However, the character moments can be discussed plenty.

The largest is when Shoutaro confronts Sakurako about turning her pet into a specimen. I may just be heartless, but I don’t quite understand why Shoutaro is so offended by it. Ulna had already died, and many people immortalize their loved ones. What’s wrong with someone who is obsessed with bones doing this to immortalize Ulna?

While Shoutaro is pitying himself after this confrontation he says, “I thought we had a connection, but I guess we really are different people.” He implies that being differing people with differing opinions is a bad thing. But that is not true in the least, it’s actually very beneficial to surround yourself with different people, helps you become a well-rounded person.

At the end of the episode we see Sakurako have a ‘chat’ with her uncle. First of all, it’s really hard not to make a probably offensive joke right here, but… I think I have the self-control. Also, it seems like Sakurako’s personal vice, as hinted at by the opening and episode 2, will become relevant. Perhaps this Soutaro kid, probably her brother, was murdered?

Now, I haven’t been the biggest fan of Sakurako as a character. Many other people, of similar opinion, have cited her obvious archetype as the flaw. But, I don’t believe this to be the issue, you can have stereotypes that are great, it’s all in the execution. That’s Sakurako’s problem, her character isn’t executed well at all. It seems like her character is all over the place.

She’s supposed to be obsessed with bones, but she supposedly knows everything, like about knots and jewels. And yet she often gets these wrong, and she even gets basic things about bones wrong! Sometime’s she hates everything, other times she’s squealing at the prospect of cake. Sakurako is supposed to be this antisocial genius (by the show’s own words too), yet other than preferring to be alone she’s perfectly social (trust me, I’m ACTUALLY antisocial). Not to mention just how convenient she is. “Oh, good think I can tell a real diamond from a synthetic one.” “Thank goodness I just so happen to be an expert on knot tying.” “I’ll just pick this lock with a skill I never referred to ever having before.” Sakurako Ex Machina. Basically, people don’t like Sakurako because there is no consistency, she’s all over the place. Sakurako does not feel like a real character. Even Shoutaro manages that, but he’s still annoying.

Now, as for that secret in the ending. Notice that more than a few shots in this ending feature naked Sakurako groping a skull. Just think about that… that’s actually creepy.

Now we know that Sakurako loves bones, but perhaps it extends farther than anticipated? Maybe this mysterious fiance that’s been referred to throughout the show is really just a human skeleton. Is Sakurako a necrophiliac? I’ll let you decide that one, but I wouldn’t put it past her.

Sakurako-san Episode 7 was terrible, and if this level of quality continues, so will the show.

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