Review: Sakurako-san Episode 6 – Boring Filler

This week we get the typical filler episode, this time is Festival time. Yup, an entire festival episode, and not even a single murder…

Review of Sakurako-san Episode 6

This episode was pretty boring, it was pretty, it had a ‘mystery’ (if you could call it that). It introduced a character or two, and cemented Yuriko’s place in the ‘main’ roster, along Utsumi.

Yuriko herself got a bit of development, confirmed crush on Shoutaro, single, the type that flirts with teachers, ETC. Speaking of teachers, Isozaki-sensei, the new character introduced, reminds me a lot of Oreki from Hyouka, but annoying. Utsumi was annoying as ever, and while Shoutaro and Sakurako where pretty entertaining, they didn’t get much screen time.

An interesting component of this episode is Yuriko’s friend Chika, a clearly jealous friend, going so far as to give Yuriko a dirty look when her boyfriend jokingly made a pass. Chika is later seen having also ditched the group, and a text regarding her disappearance with her boyfriend focused on multiple times. The only problem is other than the above sentences, this is never brought up, no pay-off, nothing. Perhaps it’s possible that it will be brought up later, but Sakurako-san has been episodic up until this point, and a filler episode seems like an odd start to change that.

The Sakurako-san Episode 6 may have been pretty boring and unnecessary, but there was one, shining moment that legitimately got me to laugh. When Yuriko is talking with Sakurako and the child announcement over the intercom calling for “Kojou Sakurako” was great. Particularity, the “Your guardian is waiting for you,” I’d probably say this is the best moment in the entirety of the show so far. Which is not super impressive.

GJ Corban
GJ Corban
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