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Review: SAGA #5 – Looking for love in all the wrong places

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Well, that was an unexpected ending for Saga #5. Brian K. Vaughan continues to give the reader first-page head scratchers and last past cliffhangers. Issue five brings all three storylines together to a climactic end. In this issue, there is a sense of love for each character and the reader realizes why Marko took a vow of peace and that Alana might be crazy.

I can’t tell if this issue fell flat because all three storylines are crammed into one issue, or I’m just craving “Saga” Chapter Six. Vaughan does a great job creating three intense emotional moments in the issue. To where you bond with the characters and start to feel bad about the situations they are forced to be in. Alana and Marko are the main characters and you will always be on their side. Then there is Will, the Han Solo assassin with a heart. Vaughan even tries to soften up Prince Robot IV, but he still comes off like an elitist with daddy issues.

The first and last pages by Fiona Staples are brilliant. Staples does struggle at times matching up the emotion of the dialogue with her artwork. Then she gives you four pages of sword swing action that is very fluid and detailed. There is one panel of action in this issue that I swear it moves as you read it from left to right. That panel alone is worth the $2.99.

Issue: Saga #5
Writer: Brian K Vaughan
Pencils: Fiona Staples
Publisher: Image Comics
Release Date: 7/18/2012

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Mature Readers
The smash hit ongoing series from Brian K. Vaughan, and Fiona Staples continues, as Prince Robot IV’s hunt for Hazel and her parents takes a deadly turn.

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