RONIN ISLAND #12 wraps up Pak's narrative beautifully.

Review: RONIN ISLAND #12 Is The Heartfelt Conclusion We’ve Been Waiting For

RONIN ISLAND #12, on sale Wednesday, July 1st, concludes Greg Pak, Giannis Milonogiannis, Irma Kniivila, and Simon Bowland’s impressive original series. With Ronin Island full of Byonin, many of the townsfolk believe their only option is leaving. But Hana and Kenichi know what the Island means for so many people, and it’s going to take more than zombies to break them down.


At first glance, Hana and Kenichi’s situation appears hopeless. The Byonin have officially overrun the Island, and the Shogun’s forces spur them on to wreak even more havoc. General Sato urges Hana to abandon the islanders as a lost cause, but the young hero is made of sterner stuff.

In a moving moment of action, Hana jumps to defend the people who have scorned her. We’re brought face-to-face with the protagonist we’ve grown to love at her finest—a warrior who fights not to earn love, but because she loves.

However, Hana’s strength and bravery might not be enough to stop what the Shogun has in store. He plans to let the Byonin (and possibly the bandits that have joined his side) do the dirty work. But with the Byonin morphing into a larger, stronger being, can either side hope to defeat them before the island is completely ravaged?


Thanks to Milonogiannis’s penciling and ink work, Kniivila’s coloring, and Bowland’s lettering, readers will be treated to the unique artistic talent that’s been a mainstay throughout the series. The characters are drawn with few lines, yet convey an impressive amount of emotion and movement. Each of these scenes is fleshed out with burnt oranges and harsh reds to reflect the unforgiving landscape these Byonin and the Shogun have formed.


RONIN ISLAND #12 wraps up Pak’s narrative beautifully. Though much has been lost, there’s a glimmer of hope that shines through.

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Corey Patterson
Corey Patterson
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RONIN ISLAND #12 wraps up Pak's narrative beautifully.Review: RONIN ISLAND #12 Is The Heartfelt Conclusion We've Been Waiting For