Hill's masterful series continues to up with ante with this thrilling issue.

Review: PLUNGE #3 Is The Perfect Balance Of Mystery And Horror

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PLUNGE #3, hitting comic book stores on Tuesday, May 19th, continues writer Joe Hill’s thrilling new tale. This issue follows Captain Gage Carpenter and his crew search through the wreckage of Derleth, a ship that’s been lost for decades. But what our protagonists find will take this series from mystery to horror in one fell swoop.


While Gage and Lacome investigate an anomaly on their ship, the rest of the crew have been searching the island where the Derleth‘s wreckage was found. Russell, prodded by curiosity, ventures deep into its many caves. But a surprising welcome party greets him right off the bat.

We find the supposedly dead crew of the Derleth greet Russell in all their ageless glory. What’s more, it appears they know a lot more about our protagonists than one would reasonably expect. But before Russell can learn more about them, the first mate, Julian, gives him a modified device with headphones, which turn out to be more than he bargained for.

Now it’s up to Gage to both rescue his brother from an unknown fate and unravel the mystery of the Derleth crew’s survival after 40 years.

Hill’s masterful series continues to up with ante with this thrilling issue. Readers will be anxious to learn more about Julian and his crew.


Stuart Immonen’s penciling and ink work, Dave Stewart’s coloring, and Deron Bennett’s lettering add their own unique flavor to create beautiful horror themed illustrations. The panels are filled with wavy lines and dark shades set against lighter backdrops, upending readers’ visual expectations. Additionally, the cryptic fonts employed help emphasize the unsettling nature of each subsequent scene.


PLUNGE #3 takes us on a thrilling ride filled with suspense. Watching the crew dive deeper into the mystery of the Derleth will leave readers on the edge of their seats.

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