An engaging, beautifully drawn tale that answers questions the readers have been waiting for.

Review: KILLADELPHIA #9 – The Backstory of a Vicious Vampire

Killadelphia #9, out now from Image Comics, reveals the backstory of one of the most mysterious characters in the series and features some absolutely outstanding art.

Killadelphia #9 Jupiter

Ever since John Adams, the leader of the vampires, was killed, his wife has taken over. Abigail Adams is even more ruthless and has plans to enslave all of humanity. The vampires have already murdered the governor and a famous rapper as they inform the public that they are still around. Abigail also has a new ruthless monster on her side, a vampire known only as Jupiter, whose past has been shrouded in mystery until now.

Rodney Barnes’ choice to wait until Killadelphia #9 to reveal Jupiter’s past was a smart way to pull in readers. For the past few issues, Jupiter has been a dreaded monster that Abigail unleashes to do her bidding, and it is exciting to see when he is in action. By leaving the fans to wonder what his past was, this issue is more engaging for them since they can finally get the answers they wanted. The backstory is an interesting tale featuring historical figures and is sure to leave readers who wanted to know satisfied.

Killadelphia #9 Dialogue

Killadelphia #9 is full of many captivating scenes. Whether it be as simple as a conversation or as intense as a scene resulting in a bloodbath, Rodney Barnes’ writing keeps the reader engaged. The issue features a discussion between vampires that shows that not everyone may be on board with Abigail’s sinister plan, which adds another dimension to the evil vampires’ character and shows that they are not all mindless monsters. The issue also had some intense action that will leave you in shock at how bold the vampires’ strategy is.

Jason Shawn Alexander provides astonishing work in Killadelphia #9. Every character’s face and form seem so lifelike that it is stunning that Alexander can provide such high-quality art in every issue. The realistic faces he draws adds a lot to the story, especially during the vampires’ carnage. When their face is showing genuine fear, a person being attacked is a horrific image to see, and Killadelphia is full of it. Alexander’s art style is incredibly unique, and every page in Killadelphia is a pleasure to look at.

Killadelphia #9 Character Expression

Luis NCT’s coloring pairs wonderfully with the art of Jason Shawn Alexander. Just as in previous issues of the series, Killadelphia #9 has a dark color palette that fits nicely with the story’s tone. This technique also has the added effect of making blood stand out when it appears since the bright red pops out against the dull colors of everything around it. This low saturation has the lasting effect of making the issue more terrifying.

Killadelphia #9 features the lettering of Marshall Dillon that allows the story to progress seamlessly. Speech bubbles never have an odd placement that interrupts the story’s flow, and captions are stylized depending on which character is speaking, so there is never confusion. The only downside to the lettering is the lack of sound effects in the story. There are no places where bold or interesting lettering is used, so Dillon’s talents are never fully shown.

Killadelphia #9 is another entertaining issue of the series that is full of violence and brilliant dialogue. The art is gorgeous, and the coloring pairs with it incredibly well. The story unfolds more and more each issue, leaving the reader always waiting to get their hands on the next issue.

David Weber
David Weber
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An engaging, beautifully drawn tale that answers questions the readers have been waiting for.Review: KILLADELPHIA #9 - The Backstory of a Vicious Vampire