UNPRESIDENTED HC offers plenty of political satire to keep the disheartened reader content for days.


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Review: Kieron Dwyer’s UNPRESIDENTED HC Is The Political Satire America Needs Right Now

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In ages of political turmoil and uncertainty, humor is one of the greatest tools we have to combat despair. That’s why Kieron Dwyer’s UNPRESIDENTED HC, on sale Wednesday, July 1st, is needed now more than ever. Our divided country could use a few laughs. And what better way to get the giggles going than by depicting Donald Trump, a.k.a. POTUS, in ways much of the world already views him?


The collection is divided into various categories, usually puns based on one of the POTUS’s personality traits. In this way, Dwyer brilliantly crafts a tour of the figure’s unseemly exploits.

The Ego has Landed

This series of panels depict the POTUS as an egotistical maniac, claiming success for ultimately insignificant things such as large crowd sizes and an illustrious fart in a bathtub.

Orange Lies Matter

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The illustrations in this section point to irony of the POTUS’s administration’s stance on the Black Lives Matter movement. Using scenes of Trump highlighting the importance of his “in group” (white, cisgender males), Dwyer shows how the President embodies the false narrative he places on marginalized groups.

Putin’s Puppet

Readers will find that this group of illustrations pokes fun at POTUS’s apparent infatuation with Vladimir Putin, especially early on in his presidency. Many of these panels depict the Russian leader in a puppet master role over the oblivious Trump.


These hilarious sections are just the tip of the iceberg. UNPRESIDENTED HC offers plenty of political satire to keep the disheartened reader content for days. We look forward to more work from Dwyer, the creator who’s somehow put all of our jokes about POTUS into comic form.

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