Monkeys Fighting Robots

The fifth season of Jojo’s BIzarre Adventure, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind continues to hold up to the series’ history of showcasing extreme, yet compelling bits of weirdness for the audience. What new revelations are made about in as the show continues?


Bucciarati Is Coming

First off the first opening and closings are revealed for the new season. Fighting Gold by Coda is a pretty good song. Not the best opening which has come from the series overall but still very interesting with the visuals and the song itself. Still, more people are going to be drawn to the ending which is Freek’n You by Jodeci, which yes is the more noteworthy one because of its existing popularity. Also, the sexual lyrics and rhythm of the song seem to meld perfectly with the characters designs and eye catching poses the series is known for.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

The fight between Giorno and Bruno helps to showcase their powers. Giorno’s Stand with its ability to give life almost seems to be a way to make up for the death and destruction his father Dio brought into this world. Bruno’s on the hand seems like another Okuyasu in the idea, “Terrifying and menacing when they first appear but will be barely useful as the season goes on.” Hopefully this won’t be the case as the idea of the Jojo of the series having one of the few Stands of worth for the season gets old fast.

Also, Giorno and his talk about wanting to become a Gang-star triggered an amusing joke regarding his ambition.

Meet the Gangster Behind The Wall

With Bruno vouching for him, Giorno gets a test to join the gang, Passione. First though, he has Giorno has to prove his worth to Jabba The Hutt’s italian cousin Pannacotta Fugo. Seriously this guy looks like the Blob from X-Men with a weird hat.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Unfortunately this test doesn’t result in the most thrilling of episodes. All Giorno has to do is keep the flame on a lighter lit for a full day. It becomes an episode where the tension comes from the odd situation which has been presented and the character having to make sure the entire thing doesn’t blow up in their face. An example of this happening previously was during Diamond is Unbreakable when Kira was trying to reclaim the severed human hand which was in someone else’s bag. The difference is Kira was trying to reclaim evidence which could implicate him of a murder and here, its a character trying to keep a flame from going out. Bizarre but not exactly as detrimental a situation.

The new season is off to a slow start and not exactly thrilling start. Sure second episode had a good fight but the third episode was less than interesting. Hopefully once all of the gang is assembled things will get into full gear.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wing is streaming on Crunchyrol.