Review: Jessica Jones ‘AKA It’s Called Whiskey’ – Perfectly Progressing

Jessica Jones! Episode 3! ‘AKA It’s Called Whiskey’ picks up what was left the last episode, both in plot, tone, and quality.

Review of Jessica Jones Episode 3 ‘AKA It’s Called Whiskey’

After a break which took way too long (holidays, tournaments, and laziness all contributing factors), here we are! Back to reviewing Jessica Jones! These episodes will be reviewed weekly as if it were airing now, and normally. Episode three, or ‘AKA It’s Called Whiskey’ continues where the previous episode left off, with Hope freaking out, Kilgrave looming ever more, and the search for Sufentanil.

Let’s start with the very middle of this episode, the flashback Jessica has when she first sees Kilgrave again. Not only is this a great moment, but it reveals a lot. It first confirms that Jessica had killed Luke’s wife, something strongly hinted at in earlier flashbacks, but it also shows us the last time Jessica saw Kilgrave. Even with very little context, and before we have truly gotten to know Kilgrave as a character, David Tenant did a great job conveying the subtle fear coming from Kilgrave as he called once again for Jessica to come back. As she was walking away we can hear Kilgrave call again and again, “Jessica!” Perfectly reminiscent of the creepy whispers heard throughout the trailers and early episodes while also highlighting the desperation that begins to inflict his voice. Kilgrave has never lost control of someone, he both cannot believe she isn’t listening and is fearing the consequences. This is all apparent solely through this scene, no back story required.


As for how Jessica managed to free herself from Kilgrave’s control well… its still unclear at this point. In the comic there was this whole big operation, including certain telepathic mutants to get Jessica free. According to what we’ve seen so far she just… is. Jessica doesn’t do anything special or realize a key truth, she just resists. Of course, it’s harsh to judge based solely on the first flashback to explain it, but that better not be the sole explanation.

Trisha is a key component of this episode, not only pissing Kilgrave off, which she will regret soon, but also showing off her training and security, neither do much good. A key line that really caught my attention from Trish was, “No one touches me unless I want them too.” Of course, it’s a little too early to speculate, and perhaps the fight between her and police guy is the payoff (which would be rather weak), but I’m inclined to believe that at some point later Kilgrave will contradict this claim by miss Patsy.

Jeri uses Trish’s interview to kickstart her delusion defense, claiming that mind control is hard to believe. Which boggles the mind, as Trish said, this city was attacked by aliens not long ago. Not to mention the existence of Thor and Vision, and oh yeah, Loki had mind control. It’s hard to believe that it’s hard to believe that Kilgrave is real.

Jessica Jones 'AKA It's Called Whiskey' Body 1

Trish’s fight scene with police guy is deliciously brutal, the kind that with each thud you wince. This kind of fight perfectly blends with the dark, realistic tone of the show, while delivering something Luke and Jessica’s fights lack, consequences.

Jessica was quite resourceful this episode, using her quick wit to fake Trish’s death, put a tracker on Police guy, and trick him into believing that he jumped off. Even using Malcolm to gain access to the Sufentanil, quick comment there, while I don’t want to spoil anything, I do find it fascinating that Jessica would use Malcolm like that, considering his future character arc.

Luke had a really interesting line, “Being a hero just puts a target on your back.” I really like this line because it both quickly introduces us to Luke’s philosophy, while hinting at the upcoming Luke Cage series. Why does he believe this? Has his target been shot at before? Has he tried to be a hero? A close friend/relative?

Another great line is from Trish, being “Graduating from alcoholism?” Not for any particular reason, it doesn’t reveal anything about the characters, but it’s a nice, witty line.

David Tenant’s belated introduction, as in we actually see him, was fantastic as well, continuing to show off that creepy yet suave tone used before, the moment we see his face intercut with the flashback well. And of course, the room of Jessica. I don’t think any elaboration is needed here, it’s just a great moment, and many are to come.

Jessica Jones 'AKA It's Called Whiskey' Body 3

Before we end I’d also like to make a special mention to the music. While I discussed the theme last episode, the OST, in general, has been pretty great too. In fact, this was written while listening to the soundtrack, highly recommend.


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