[REVIEW] Gundam IBO “ep. 5&6” – Outside Space

So for all the set-up that Gundam IBO has been giving us, there has been inner workings through out this set-up to keep us interested. Episode 5 and 6 finally jump-starts the series into outer space and with that, things start to get really interesting.

Episode Summaries

Tekkedan finally has everything ready so they can launch into space. But when they get ready to catch their transfer, they find out that the one adult they kept around sold them out to Gallanhorn. But Orga planned for this and had another ship be their actual ride. Mikazuki has to throw down with some mobile suits, notably McGillis, Gealio, and Ein. McGillis gives Mikazuki a run for his money and Tekkadan escapes the battle with a slingshot maneuver around and asteroid.

After the battle Ein confronts McGillis about his shame in letting his comrades die, McGillis offers his a chance at redemption. We learn about the history of Gundam and the Calamity War 300 years ago. Kudelia starts to teach Mikazuki and some other kids how to read and write. Mikazuki and Orga share some feelings on what to do and what actions to take.

Episode Thoughts

Gundam IBO has been busy this past two episodes compared to prior ones. Most of the stuff its been busy on has been working great and is keeping me well engaged. There are certainly times I don’t really understand whats going on when they delve into politics, but I think that’s just me turning my brian off because I hate that sort of stuff. Every once and a while I’ll pick something up about nation leaders or whatever, but most of it goes over my head. But that’s okay because none of that really matters to enjoy whats going on. At least that’s the way its going for me.

So I’m looking towards the characters to ground me into whats going on mostly. This seems to be working for the most part. Having characters like McGillis be involved in the main conflict but have other motives really helps me grab onto something other than whatever politics is going on. All I need to know is his motivations and I’m sure the politics stuff will eventually make sense. Same goes for Orga and Kudelia (but Kudelia’s situation with the government is pretty straight forward). There was a lot of exposition in these episodes and it felt sort of hand fisted, like trying to make up for lost time. Some of it concerning the Gundams, and their involvement with the Calamity war was interesting, but other stuff was boring. This is just me not liking space politics, or really any politics in my anime. Sorry.

So forgetting politics, I’m so glad that Kudelia is doing something productive like teaching kids how to read and write. I thought for a second she was just going to hand out lunches forever, but having her share her knowledge will ultimately help these kids. She’s literally giving them the tools to change their situation a little. This ties in with the whole theme of the show and is nice. Plus it gives Mikazuki and Kudelia a chance to bond over something other than her being naive.

Bonds in fact were a big factor in episode 6. It was only for a minute and really came out of nowhere but we got a really nice conversation between Orga and Biscuit, and Orga and Mikazuki. It’s starting to show a little that even though everyone is sort of like a family, Orga and Mikazuki have something going on that they don’t really share, nor does everyone understand. This conversation that Orga has with Biscuit explaining why he makes the choices he does helps us understand why he will be making decisions a certain way. It’s a good justification and has a real human element to it. Its petty, but that’s exactly what you would expect from an orphan kid.

This is brought up yet again with Orga and Mikazuki’s conversation. I think it’s no coincidence that we learn about Mikazuki’s dreams for the first time in a private conversation. It’s easy to tell that the comfort level is maxed out between these guys and they depend on one another. Ultimately this makes them strong, in their resolve at least. They push each other in a good direction trusting that the other will always look out for them. Really sappy stuff, but it works.

These episodes of Gundam IBO were pretty stellar for the most part. The world and the characters are being expanded at a nice pace and were getting some hints at plot points that are yet to come. I have a feeling we don’t quite know the whole deal with Gundam IBO just yet. The looming over the Gundams seems to ominous to just be an “easter egg”, but we’ll see.

Episode Rating: B+

Logan Peterson
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