Review: 11 Reasons ‘The Flash #21’ Should Race To The Top Of Your Pull List [SPOILERS]

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After arriving too late to stop The Reverse-Flash’s attack on Batman, Barry Allen uses his forensic science skills to analyze the crime scene and the now seemingly dead body of Eobard Thawne. Thawne was able to beat Batman almost to death but was stopped when his speed force powers reacted strangely to the mysterious smiley face button first found in the Batcave almost one year ago. And wherever it sent him, and whatever he saw, it was an encounter terrifying and powerful enough to end the evil speedster’s life. So now Batman and Flash must combine their deductive abilities to finally shed a light on what has been plaguing their world.  

The FlashThe Flash #21
Written by: Joshua Williamson
Art by: Howard Porter
Colors by: Hi-Fi
Published by: DC Comics

Last week’s Batman #21 was the much-anticipated start of ‘The Button’ storyline, finally promising to deliver on all the Watchmen related mystery that has been playing out in the DC Universe. So how does ‘The Button Part 2’ hold up to the great ‘Part 1’? Pretty damn good it turns out! And no easy feat as Batman #21 was easily one of the year’s best single issues. But this one is great on its own merit and here are 11 reasons why!

The Flash
The Flash #21 Page 10
  1. That opening with Johnny Thunder! Please give us more!
  2. The relatable, grounded voice over narration. Joshua Williamson captures Barry Allen’s persona.
  3. Howard Porters gorgeous, energetic art. He hasn’t been this good since JLA.
  4. I love The Flash. But I also love Barry Allen, the brilliant forensic scientist.
  5. Bruce and Barry being detectives and not just superheroes.
  6. All the great and fun easter eggs in The Watchtower’s “Hall of Lost and Found”.
  7. The freakin’ Cosmic Treadmill!
  8. How this still feels like a classic Flash story.
  9. “I’ve traveled through time before, Flash”
  10. Glimpses of more than one ‘Crisis’.
  11. Bruce meeting his father, the Flashpoint Batman, face to face.
The Flash
The Flash #21 Page 13

Alright Flash fans, there you go. This issue pushes ‘The Button’ narrative further, and still, manages to be a great character building Flash story too. Crossing over Batman and Flash has sparked energy into both titles, and is making for a gripping mystery.

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review-flash-21-button-part-twoWith 'The Button Part 2', The Flash #21 continues a compelling comic book mystery.