FALLEN WORLD #1 is a book you need to add to your pull list. Dan Abnett and Adam Pollina are in harmony as writer and artist.


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Valiant Entertainment’s FALLEN WORLD #1 hits your local comic book store today; the five-issue mini-series is written by Dan Abnett with art by Adam Pollina.

FALLEN WORLD is a pleasant surprise, as Abnett builds a world on par with Game of Thrones, and Pollina’s artwork pulls out every ounce of emotion from the 22-page book. Ulises Arreola’s colors add depth and texture to each panel, and the blood red seems grittier than usual. Jeff Powell’s letters keep Abnett’s grand narrative organized and easy to follow. FALLEN WORLD #1 is a complete book that deserves your attention.

Interview: Dan Abnett Explains HIs Process Of Building Out Valiant's FALLEN WORLD Mini-Series

About the series:
In the year 4002, a cyborg samurai named Rai struggles to find his morality, while the Nanite-filled supersoldier Bloodshot is on a mission to save the citizens of Earth. Will they work together for the greater good? All signs point to no. Oh, and did we mention there are also dinosaurs on the loose and powerful animal-human hybrid mutants? Good luck with that, Rai.

If this is your first time reading a Valiant book or this is your favorite publisher, Abnett quickly introduces all the main characters. Rai, Bloodshot, and The Eternal Warrior are explained as the story unfolds and you don’t feel like any information is left out. The pacing of the issue and how characters are handled is what makes FALLEN WORLD feel like an episode of Game of Thrones. Abnett’s pace is rapid, introducing different elements of the story, ending on a high note, and then moving on to the next story element. Abnett told us earlier in the week he uses a ridged outline for storytelling and you can tell. Each sub-chapter of the issue is very focused and progresses the story to the cliffhanger at the final two pages of the book.

Interview: Dan Abnett Explains HIs Process Of Building Out Valiant's FALLEN WORLD Mini-Series

The combination of Pollina’s art and Arreola’s colors are disturbingly perfect. The close-ups of Bloodshot and the veins popping out of his neck are elements that build terror in the issue. Then to jump to the bright colors of Rai and his world gives the book balance. All the colors and texture build up to the final two pages where the art of storytelling in comics explodes off the page. As the cinematic lens of Pollina’s work pans back and forth to each character, the detail and camera angle used in each panel is brilliant.

At the end of the issue, you want to continue to read the story. FALLEN WORLD #1 lands on a perfect note to hook you as the reader. Run to your comic book store and pick up this issue today.

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