GOGOR #1 shows how one develops a new mythology. The issues lays out the traditional hero's journey while injecting intrigue that keeps you from putting it down.

Review: Explore The Fantastical World Of Altara In GOGOR #1

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Few storytellers can take standard narrative themes and craft a tale that generates intrigue. Fortunately Ken Garing, the creator behind GOGOR #1, lies among these ranks. Upon opening the issue readers are thrust into a chase scene featuring the young student Armano as he makes his getaway on his enormous shrew, Mesmer. But why is he being chased, and where will he find himself?


As Armano makes his escape through the ever-changing landscapes, readers are introduced to the magnificent world of Altara. The lush, green landscapes are overshadowed only by the floating islands they rest upon. We get an up-close glimpse of this epic scenery when Armano and Mesmer are forced to jump across an incredible chasm.

Mesmer and Armano make the jump

In a death-defying feat, Armando clears the expanse and finally finds a place to rest. But later a mysterious hooded figure appears, and the journey really begins.

Garing weaves together a narrative of mythic proportions. We join Armando as he explores the wide world of Altara in search of Greenpeak, the location his mentor charged him with finding. Rumor has it the mythical being known as Gogor may lie underneath its earth, so it’s no surprise Armando’s pursuers would be interested in his quest.

Armando is a strong character readers of all ages will find inspiring. He’s the quintessential average kid who somehow musters up the courage to evade pursuers, leap across vast expanses, and, most importantly, befriend a stranger. Readers will enjoy the young hero’s adventures as he unearths the mystery of Gogor.


The artwork in GOGOR #1 proves Garing’s illustrations tell stories just as well as his written word. His penciling is simple and clear, helping the reader smoothly descend into the narrative. The bright colors bring fullness to these illustrations as life erupts from each corner of Altara. One can see these larger than life features in the insects, Mesmer, and the plant life.

Garing’s lettering is to be commended as well. The slanted fonts capture the essence of Altara: a world much like our’s, but exaggerated and transformed.

floating islands of Altara


The creative mind that brought us the PLANETOID series has once again crafted an engaging story. Through straightforward storytelling, Garing introduces numerous thematic elements that will undoubtedly take the story in exciting directions.

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