Review: Deadpool #47 – Deadpool Vs. Captain America!

Deadpool #47
Writer: Daniel Way
Art: Salva Espin [art] and Guru eFX [colors]

Over the past few months, Deadpool’s evil twin (composed of dismembered ‘Pool parts) has been running rampant through the pages of Deadpool, crashing a jet into the George Washington Bridge and blowing up several bombs in New Jersey [Like anyone cares about that place…], among other things.

Unfortunately for the real Deadpool, Captain America doesn’t know about Evilpool and pins the blame on the non-doppelganger Wade.  Deadpool manages to get the better of Captain America and escape for now, but it’s no sooner than this that we find Evil Deadpool is trying to make a deal with Chinatown crimelord Mr. Negative. [Hey, I remember that guy from the Spidey books.  Where’s he been?]

Negative wants Evilpool to kill a kid.  Whose kid?  I’ll just say it’s someone from a certain friendly neighborhood wall-crawler’s book and leave it at that.

[But…but…Spider-Man doesn’t have kids!  I mean, he had one once, but Norman Osborn kidnapped it and nobody ever heard about it again, but then that got retconned so it never really happened…]

That’s enough from you, inner monologue!

Anyways, Deadpool eventually realizes that to clear his name and find Evilpool before he can sully it even more, he’ll need to think ahead of him and do something drastic, leading both his evil twin and Captain America to him at the same time so that Cap can see that he wasn’t lying about his evil twin committing all of those acts of terror.

Are you still following along?

This issue takes a more serious turn from the slapstick of the first two parts of ‘Evil Deadpool,’ and I love how Daniel Way found a way to incorporate characters from Spider-Man’s cast since the story takes place in New York City.  I’m also not sure if I’ve ever pointed this out before, but Espin’s facial expressions are absolutely fantastic.  His pissed off Captain America on page three and confused Mr. Negative near the center of the issue are both priceless.

Part three continues to maintain a steady pace.  We’ll see if it holds into part four.

STORY: 8.5/10
ART: 9/10 

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Roger Riddell
Roger Riddell
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