[Review] Dates With Monster Girls – Monster Girls ep. 9

If you were wondering if monster girls had different things they do on dates, then I have some bad news for you. You’re racist against monster girls, because they do the same things everyone else does on dates (well everyone is anime that is). And if you’re even somewhat of a veteran to shows like this you can basically telegraph this entire episode from beginning to end. And hey, that’s not a bad thing if the jokes hit home. But the jokes have to hit home or else it’s just plain boring.

Episode Summary

Kimihito is invited to go out on a date with Ms. Smith. And apparently Kimihito isn’t trusted at all by his housemates, because literally everyone secretly follows him to see whats up. They then one by one attempt to get closer and spy while having something go wrong in the most sexy way possible. But after Miia and Arachne are caught snooping it’s revealed that someone is threatening to kill Kimihito if he marries one of the monster girls.

So Smith decides that he should go out on dates with the girls to try to lure the culprit out with jealousy. So Miia and Mero accompany him to an aquarium, where Mero is super popular. They have a good time until Miia misreads the situation and leaves in a fit of jealousy. She then meets a fellow lizard person and they get chummy due to their similarities. He decides to take her out on a boat ride and ends up sexually assaulting her, trying to force himself on her. Kimihito comes to the rescue and crashes another swan boat into theres stopping anything too serious. Once out of the water it’s revealed that the Dragonewt (other lizard person) is a girl who just wanted a close friend in Miia, and hates men. She flies away but gets punished by Smith for going out without her home stay parent. The episode ends with them still wondering who sent the threat.

Episode Thoughts

So before the dates with monster girls we have the scenes with Kimihito going on a date with a plain old regular girl, Smith. This is probably the stronger part of the episode but there are a few things that sort of ruin it for me. Its the best because we get a lot of physical humor with Suu being basically clothes for the everyone. And of course Suu as clothes doesn’t really mix. They all end up doing very erotic scenes because Suu just can’t stop molesting someone for more than a few minutes. It’s also funny seeing them stumble around trying not to reveal that they’re monsters. Of course seeing someone reaping what they sew is always funny even when its monster girls.

And while these scenes are pretty sexy and funny to a point, the show just feels the need to throw in a bunch of gross men getting up close on the action and being all creepy about it every time. I know its in public and people are going to stare if your on the floor moaning and gyrating, but wouldn’t it have been better if it was like in When Harry met Sally when Meg Ryan is acting out her orgasm. That would have been hilarious. Like if mothers ran away with their children trying to keep them pure or something, or even an overt guy taking a picture nonchalantly and walking away. The gross guys are unneeded, we are already seeing something sexy, we don’t need these gross guys affirming that we should be aroused by it. They really missed an opportunity here for some creative humor, but instead just went and made it as tropey as possible.

As for the second half where Kimihito goes on a date with Miia and Mero, that has its own set of problems. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for going out on dates with monster girls. And to some degree it surely makes sense that it would happen eventually. But I think that it would have been better for Kimihito to decide that instead of using the letter as a plot device to get him to finally do it. He needs to show some agency but the show is basically saying its okay that he doesn’t because everything will work out for him anyway. It would have been better for his character if Kimihito decided for himself to go out on a date and after the fact receive the threatening letter. But I guess we need the main character to be as neutral as possible. So don’t worry Kimihito, sit back and let the plot decide what your actions will be.

As for the date itself, I guess the joke with Mero still set on her tragic love story is still pretty funny but I can see it wearing off really soon. We got one during the other half of the episode too, and every time the joke is just her talking about it. They need to come up with a better way to deliver this joke instead of just having Mero state it. Kind of like they did in the last episode with the Little Mermaid cutaway, that was pretty funny. And the whole situation of her being famous at the aquarium was pretty funny as well. Partly for it making so much sense and also the fact that Mero acts like its no big deal.

The scenes with Kimihito and Miia alone are cute. Or at least they would have been if they weren’t just a montage of still shots. Sure after the montage they get some actual dialogue and get really close to kissing but Mero ends up interrupting them with fish facts. The cock tease isn’t funny at all but on the other hand, seeing Mero being a total fish nerd and not being able to help herself  and spout out fish facts was pretty funny. So I’m torn about this scene.

Just like I’m torn about the part where Miia runs into the Dragonewt, where at this point Miia thinks she’s a guy. I’m perfectly okay with Miia leaving in a hissy fit because she’s jealous, that’s totally the way she would act. But I do sort of think its cheap to have it look like Miia is about to be raped by a guy and it turns out to be a girl. This misunderstanding of the Dragonewt’s gender is only there to anger the male viewers that Miia might be stolen away from the self insert protagonist. But in the end its okay because it was just a girl in the end. I do like Miia leaving and not wanting to put up with Kimihito’s indecisive shit anymore. I also like Kimihito giving her the necklace, at least that’s something… I guess. Maybe it really isn’t something and he’s just being a “nice guy” again. But I like to believe that he can see how much he’s hurting the girls by being so indecisive. And remember this is a comedy and this whole situation with the Dragonewt isn’t funny at all. Not even the reveal that she’s a girl is funny. Just a whole bunch of nothing being sexy and nothing being funny. Seriously Monster Girls, what were you thinking here?

So except for that last part with the Dragonewt the rest of the episode was alright. It only had about a couple really funny jokes. And the whole thing with the creepy guys really made the sexy scenes not as sexy anymore. But at least we got a really funny minute with Rachnera trying to get some dirt to blackmail Kimihito and Smith with. So that’s something. From the looks of the preview were going to get at least one more dating episode and I hope that they’ll handle it better and make it more unique. They need to make it feel more like dates with monster girls and not just dates with girls. So while this episode wasn’t really boring, it sure came close.


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