REVIEW: Comet Lucifer “ep. 8” – Plot Vomit

I guess I was too optimistic about Comet Lucifer being on an upward climb. While it still hasn’t lost its sense of tone, there are now other problems that are starting to surface.

Comet Lucifer ep. 8 Summary

Togo and the others run into Do Mon. Flashbacks about Do Mons past and how he was the bodyguard of Sogo’s mother. Sogo’s mother was a scientist who was researching something called “Lucifer”. Moura decides to spew out Felias secret about being the earth goddess and how life originates. Sogo, Moura and Felia decide to leave alone at night in the hopes to keep their friends out of harms way.

Episode Thoughts

Comet Lucifer if not anything else has the ability to make me exhale in exhaust more than most shows. It’s like they knew that people would like that Do Mon was being somewhat relevant and decided to make him a bigger part of the plot than called for. And just like that you have inserted your Deus Ex Machina character. Someone who can do all the boring things that our main characters can’t do, like move the plot along. Dont get me wrong I liked the aspect of Do Mon being a broken soldier, but that only works if he’s broken from being a soldier. If he comes out of retirement and is all bad ass again then whats the point? They try to make it seem like his experiences were traumatic and gave him a new outlook on life, but it seems like he’s regressed. Maybe because of a promise he made to Sogo’s mom? I don’t know, and did anyone else get a vibe that he was in love with her? I guess Sogo’s dad was too unimportant to even bother saying if he was around or not. Also I haven’t seen a death of a female character that bad since Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeros.

So besides the steamroller that is Do Mon taking over Comet Lucifer, the show decides to reveal Felia’s secret to us. All because Moura trusts Sogo. Not the way I would have liked that to play out but I guess I’m asking for too much. Everything seems to make sense I guess, but it doesn’t really explain why she’s here or why she has to go to a special place to regain her magic. Couldn’t she just touch the ground? I guess planet goddesses don’t get any respect.

By the way, none of this information takes Sogo by surprise. He doesn’t ask question any of this information or ask about if Felia’s powers could be used for evil. But I guess Sogo has other stuff to worry about, like Do Mon beating the shit out of him for wanting to be a hero. Sure I get the fact that Do Mon sees Sogo as himself and Felia as Sogo’s mom, but he honestly can’t equate it once you have a goddess in the mix. That Honeybee “bread lady” is still sulking about doing nothing. But the show makes it clear that she is contemplating things over. So she might do something, maybe.

Honestly the only thing that I found nice about this episode was Sogo’s conclusion that he has to leave his friends behind. It makes sense that he fears for their lives and cares deeply for them. Now I have no doubt that they will show back up and talk about how they are in this together or something, but having Sogo know the severity of what he’s getting into is nice to see. Plus his resolve is strengthened through, dare I say it, Do Mon.

If you can’t already tell I hate the role that Do Mon is starting to fill. He really ruined the episode for me, probably more than I’d like to admit. but Sogo and Felia’s relationship and journey is still keeping me hopeful for Comet Lucifer. All I’m asking for is that Do Mon dies in the next episode so we don’t have to see him ever again. Seriously I don’t think I’ve changed opinions on a character so fast, I really hate him! Plus Moura might be a girl? WTF.

Episode Rating: C+

Logan Peterson
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