REVIEW: Comet Lucifer “ep. 5&6” – Finally I get something!

So you would think because I missed a week that there would be a lot to say about Comet Lucifer. Well there is, sort of, I guess. It seems that every episode that goes by I have to keep changing my expectations for what kind of show Comet Lucifer is, and it’s getting exhausting. This show is an ambitious one, but ambition only gets you so far. If your ideas don’t work then whats really the point. Comet Lucifer seems to be one of those stories that could have benefitted from a few more edits and rewrites. But some cool stuff happened during these episodes, so let’s get into them.

Episode Summaries

Sogo chases after Felia and her kidnappers. Moura takes on Gus in beast mode and gets his ass kicked. Felia morphs into a glowy ball of light and Moura transforms into a human form mech. Now he can fly and shoot lasers and beats Gus. Felia uses her morph ball to save Sogo and return to a safe place. But now after being in the glow ball, Felia has seemed to grow in age, and can now talk fairly fluent.

So now they have to find some spring so they can recharge the magic Felia used and get her back to her small self. On their journey Kaon gets jealous of Felia and Sogo’s relationship, they take part of a wedding, and more bad guy mechs come in to ruin the party. Roman comes to save the day “sort of.” And we find out that the girl who delivers bread to Do Mon is some sort of spy.

Episode Thoughts

I know these are episode reviews but I want to make one thing clear. Episode 5 and 6 should have been episode 2 and 3. There was too much bullshit and dead air going on. Now that the characters actually have some sort of goal they are going towards, I think that we could have gotten rid of all that other fluff and tightened up this show. Because 5 and 6 were pretty entertaining, at least compared to the last three episodes.

Anyway, it takes way too long for Moura to “mech-up” in episode 5. For some reason Sogo thinks that scootering is the better option. This is dumb and is probably just an excuse to fill time. Once we get to the mech battle its a pretty cool one. Gus is pretty bad ass and Moura is a straight pussy when it comes to fighting a real opponent. This was a good use of tension and made it seem like saving Felia became more dangerous and difficult than anything in the show prior. But even after Moura goes human mode, he still struggles a lot with Gus. At first I equated it to Gus being so bad ass, but in episode 6 Moura has trouble with a random pilot. So I don’t know how to gauge Moura’s strength at this point, but he kinda seems like a push over. But I guess if you can fly and spam lasers, you don’t need to be good at Hand-to-hand.

So along with Moura’s changes, Felia also goes through some. Apparently because she used too much magic or something, she grew to about Sogo’s age. They hinted at this earlier a bunch, but never really explain why this is a bad thing. Even after saying how to restore her magic they never explain if she would continue to age, whether or not she could still use magic, or why her losing magic makes her age at all. But even with this loose explanation, I’m okay with it because Felia can finally form sentences. Now she can engage with the rest of the characters, and start to develop as a character. Sure I fin did cheese and conveniently that they stumble upon a wedding and the concept of love is introduced to Felia, but its something. Fell still is only a half character, but so is the rest of the cast, so at least they’re all on the same level now.

Except for Kaon that is, I think she took a step back form being a character and turned into a plot device for an episode. Her actions and mood seem to directly coincide with moving the plot along and helping Felia sort out her feeling, in the most blatant way possible. I knows she likes Sogo and is jealous of Felia because she now has a “legal” body, but there really was no reason for her to act the way she did for most of the episode. Plus the dialogue seemed like the same copy and paste love triangle bullshit I’ve heard time and time before. Plus it doesn’t help when Sogo is so dense, it’s almost like expressing your feelings to a wall. Oppositely it was super nice when Felia says she loves Kaon. That made sense and the fact that Kaon could understand what she meant by that made the feelings being expressed work. Still inconsistent with Kaon’s feeling just a few seconds ago, but you can chock that up to “woman being irrational” trope.

So while Comet Lucifer has slowly found something to grab onto, episode 6 felt like just another distraction to reveal character emotions because they couldn’t weave it into the main plot. I don’t like when this happens and its pretty blatant that’s what is it. On the other hand, I’ll take any sort of development at this point. Hopefully by the end these characters will be “characters” and I will care about whatever climax this show has planned. Still confused on a lot of things, but there is some stuff to latch onto. I’m not going to say these episodes were bad, because they weren’t. They had a lot of problems, but they’ve been the best part of the show so far. Comet Lucifer is still a mess, but at least it’s starting to feel like a mess that is trying to give us something.

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