REVIEW: Comet Lucifer “ep. 4” – Train-wreck to Behold

I’ve given Comet Lucifer four chances now to really grab me and be interesting. I think that’s a fair amount. Alas, its four episodes in and it really doesn’t feel like its gone anywhere or feels like its going anywhere. The sad part is that it’s so painstakingly average that bashing the shit out of it isn’t even fun. Don’t worry though, I’ll try to make it as interesting as possible. Because though it may sound bad I haven’t fully given up on it yet.

Episode Summary

They start to fix the huge hole that Moura left in the roof in episode two. A huge typhoon is on its way  and Don Mon freaks out about it. Everyone has a barbecue and has fun. Sogo and Kaon have to go to school, leaving Felia alone. While she’s alone Alfried and his gang capture her.

Episode Thoughts

One of the hardest part about coming up with stuff to write about Comet Lucifer is that nothing really happens to write about. At least nothing really positive. So instead of doing a things I liked and things I didn’t like format, I’m just going to go over all the problems I had with this episode. Sure I’m being a little impartial, but I’m at the point where I need to make this fun or else I won’t make it to the end of this stupid show. Keep in mind I’m still remaining optimistic but I don’t know for how long I can hold on.


So lets start with the typhoon. To me it’s another way to try to make tension that fails because we have no groundwork to make us care. Maybe if we knew even a hint about Do Mon’s past it would be concerning, but we don’t. It just looks stupid and pointless. Same goes for the barbecue, as far as I’m concerned the only reason they had that was to try to get as many characters together so you would remember who was who. It didn’t really serve any purpose, which is fine if the rest of your episode is going anywhere, but Comet Lucifer isn’t.

Everything that Afried and his gang did besides kidnap Felia was boring. I really didn’t think it would be as easy as “find her on a camera” but I guess it was. So now they know where she is and keep referring to her by a name that still means nothing to us. Also I find it stupid that Felia was captured as easily as she was. Do Mon was an idiot for thinking she could be left alone. Sogo and Kaon on the other hand are just stupid for deciding to go to school. Am I the only one who would be trying to figure out whats going on with this girl instead of going on with my everyday life?

The only hint of progression was the kidnapping of course, and Sogo and Felia’s little telepathy when she was in danger. Also Felia for some reason is attached to Sogo now. I was under the impression that she was being best friends with Kaon, but whatever. Sogo also had some half-character development when he talked about his parents or whatever. For now just useless information, which I’m sure will pay off later, but you gotta keep me interested enough to get to that point. Which Comet Lucifer isn’t.

For all the stupid things that happen in Comet Lucifer I still like the show on two merits. One is that is absolutely nuts in the way it ties plot lines together. Its like watching someone try to do cats cradle that has no idea what they’re doing. The other is Felia’s cuteness. Normally this wouldn’t be enough for me to continue watching, but I do want to see how crazy Comet Lucifer will end up. Hopefully you guys will join me on the ride.

Logan Peterson
Logan Peterson
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