[Review] Comet Lucifer ep. 3 – Not A Complete Waste Of Time

Okay, so there is a part of me deep down that really disliked this episode of Comet Lucifer and want to tear it a new one. The only reason I am not going to do that is because it’s still early in the show and I guess I haven’t grasped the entire tone of what it’s going for. That said, there are many things in this episode that made it feel like a big fucking waste of time.

Episode Summary (get ready for some stupid stuff)

So life goes on as normal, I guess. Even though Felia and Moura have moved in and we know Moura can transform in a giant robot, everyone is treating it extremely casual. That is until Do Mon’s pot of curry is spilled over (his roof being destroyed was no big deal, but wasted food is grounds for kicking everyone out for the day). So Sogo, Kaon, and Felia are left to explore the town.

Then some wacko who sees Felia’s magic decides to take control of the whole cities electronics to scare, I think, Felia because he is intrigued by her. It takes till the tail end of the episode for Sogo to activate Moura and Moura takes out a hijacked mech. This also puts the random guy out of commission because of collateral damage. The episode ends with the brown-haired military guy recruiting this random for some sort of team he’s forming, which probably also includes that blood thirsty boy.

Episode Thoughts

I knew this would come eventually. There would come a show that intrigues me visually and has a couple okay opening episodes. Then it would proceed to immediately shit the bed. Okay maybe that’s not what Comet Lucifer has done just yet, but if the rest of the episodes are like this I don’t know what I’m going to do. So lets start off with the negatives so I can finish this article with some positivity.

So yeah there’s a lot of dicking around this episode with the protagonists just walking around town and Felia being amazed at everything. I think this is super unnecessary because we got plenty of that last episode. I get it, everything is new to her, move on. Don’t get me wrong I don’t expect Felia to not be amazed by the town life but I don’t think it was necessary for half of an episode.

Also there’s a point where a sandwich shop owner mentions that Kaon and Sogo might be on a date.  Kaon refutes it and gets all embarrassed. Then Sogo (who was standing two feet away from her) asks what she’s so embarrassed about. That was stupid. It falls under that unaware love interest male trope, but when its this obvious its painful. Although its stupid it doesn’t compare to some of the other absurdities that happen in the second half.

This random glasses guy, who I’ll refer to as glasses for the episode, was making me roll my eyes for the rest of the episode. Glasses clearly doesn’t know how to show affection in any way possible. But not only that but he for some reason likes to hold responses to questions other people ask until several minutes later. There’s this point where the protagonists apologize to Glasses for dropping cake on him and they ask him if he’s alright. He gives a normal response, then two scenes later responds to the same question truthfully with devious connotations. Do people actually do that? Maybe only the crazy ones.

Comet Lucifer also has one of the biggest misintentional fakes I think I’ve ever seen. Theres a point where one of Glasses’ robots is chasing after them and Sogo stares at it all intense, and then does nothing. What the fuck! Why didn’t he activate the crest and have Moura get in there. Did he just want to stare down the robot before turning tail and running? It so made it seem like he was going to deal with this robot and activate Moura, but he doesn’t. There’s another scene where he attacks it with flying scooters, so I assume it wasn’t out of fear. Did he just forget? This episode is littered with points in where the plot moves in the most retarded way and listing them would be too much of a chore. You’ll just have to go see for yourself. But believe it or not there is a reason for me to not give up and continue watching this show.

One of those reasons is that despite the convenience and convoluted way they introduced Glasses, he’s going to be sticking around. The execution was bad but the concept of the chief guy collecting dangerous people for his team is kinda interesting. Plus we won’t need an introduction because this episode showed us exactly what Glasses is all about. Still the convenience of the chief and Glasses just running into each other is annoying.

Also it’s just the fact that nothing really did happen this episode. There really wasn’t anything that changed the story. In fact well still don’t know the story. So that’s what I’m holding onto for the most part. This show seems to have a bunch of good ideas and a good foundation, but they seem to be tripping in execution. If they keep tripping into important plot points and character moments, I am not going to have a fun time. But hey, at least the opening is pretty!

Logan Peterson
Logan Peterson
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