[Review] Comet Lucifer – Ep. 1&2

After watching the first two episodes of Comet Lucifer I have really mixed emotions about it. At the same time I feel like I’m seeing something I’ve seen before many times, but also there is enough the show seems to have as its own to seem fresh. The show’s story seems like an Eureka Seven scenario right off the bat. Unfortunately this show isn’t a visually creative as Eureka Seven, but it certainly is trying to keep its style from being more than generic. I’m still on the fence whether I like this show for more than its cute comet girl and sometimes breathtaking art. That’s to be expected though because there really isn’t much else to be caught up in quite yet. At this point I’m still not sure what is even going on. Well for the most part, I have a slight idea.

I think that the comet girl, Felia, is some sort of… I don’t even know, but this countries government apparently knows about her and wants to capture her. That’s really all I know about the plot so far, and I was paying pretty close attention. Unlike another show I’m reviewing this season, Comet Lucifer seems to be in opposite when it comes to making their exposition digestible. It’s all very cryptic right off that bat, giving us little to no information on why somethings are going on. There is some serious stuff in the works with a brooding old man, a veteran pilot, and a maniacal murderous kid. These characters seem interesting but when they are spouting out cryptic nonsense it makes me care less. Which is not cool, I want to care more, not less. This needs to be fixed. But thankfully its only the government stuff that really isn’t making any sense.

The scenario of “boy finds girl in rock” seems to be progressing at a nice pace and is enjoyable for the most part. Our main character, Sogo, seems to be an adventurous person. He’s a nice guy and has some good friends, pretty generic so far. There are things about his life style though, that may end up revealing more about him. Honestly we haven’t been able to get to hang out with him this much to learn anything besides he likes digging up rocks, and gets embarrassed when he touches girls. Togo has three friends, but at this point aren’t really worth delving into yet. Not sure if they are going to be a main part of the story. The only seemingly important person is his orange haired friend, Kaon, who he seems to get embarrassed overtime they get somewhat close. But the other two boys seem interesting enough that they will stick around, so we’ll have to wait and see.

Felia is quite a treat, both aesthetically pretty and entertaining. They could have gone a couple of ways with treating their blank slate rock girl, and I’m glad with what they chose. It seems right off that bat she has a vibrant personality and is quite the curious one, almost like a baby. But she certainly doesn’t look like a baby, probably 10-12 if I had to ballpark it. Her relationship with Sogo hasn’t really started yet. If anything she is growing closer to Kaon. According to the opening though they will eventually get really close. Just what kind of relationship they will form is still a mystery. I hope it’s not a romantic one. One because she seems way too young and immature and two because Kaon may like Sogo.

There is on more important character, Moura, a crystal ferret that can transform into a giant robot. Just like Felia he seems to have quite a vibrant personality. He is very protective of Felia and doesn’t like Sogo, for reasons. Somehow he knows things like how to speak and stuff, which Felia is only learning. Moura will most likely be as important to the plot as Felia seeing that he can transform into a robot. And seeing that Sogo wears a crest that gives him the sole power to transform Moura, the characters have already been tied together for the long haul. And I assume that this long haul will be full of MouraXSogo robots battles.

There have already been one fight, and so far is the least visually impressive part of the show. Which is sad to say. The designs of the mech’s are one of the most creative I’ve seen. But the mech’s seem like they are part of a different show and don’t really belong in the universe. Maybe it has to do with the fact that they are CG, like every other mech series nowadays. Or maybe it has to do with the only mech fight taking place in a dark dreary cave. Once they get out in the sun and really get to shine I might change my tune on them.

So like I said before, It’s hard to know how I feel about Comet Lucifer yet. There are certainly things I like and things I am confused on. The show seems to be holding back and hinting parts of the plot which will get annoying unless we start to get straight forward answers soon. I’m all for some mystery in a show but when you spend so much time with mystery instead of focusing on whats actually going on, you’re gonna lose me. So far Comet Lucifer hasn’t lost me yet, but I guess we’ll see.

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Logan Peterson
Logan Peterson
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