Review: BOOKS OF MAGIC #7: Escape From Faerie


A informative snapshot of the high school experience, set in a fantastical setting once assumed limited to fairy tales.
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Timothy Hunter has had a lot on his mind lately. His journey through The Dreaming, while increasing his understanding of the magical realms, kept him away from home for a long time. But upon returning Timothy learned of Ellie’s disappearance, and the only person who can help him is Ms. Rose, his magical guide whose motives are quite questionable.


StoryEllie missing article

Kat Howard is on a mission to make Timothy as confused as possible in this issue. And it makes for that much more of an exciting story. Upon his return to London, the poor boy has put his search for the Books of Magic on pause in order to search for Ellie. Fortunately, Rose agrees to assist Timothy in his search, but her shady relationship to his recently deceased teacher leaves him questioning her every move.

Timothy and Rose traveling between dimension doors Timothy and Rose looking for Yo-Yo Yo-Yo is gone

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Howard’s Timothy comes with all the qualms one would expect from a teenager. Shifting realities, a teacher’s confusing instructions, and less time to see your friend — all the core aspects of a student’s high school experience. They may be exaggerated to fantastical proportions, but it’s clear young readers will resonate with Timothy’s journey.

The duo’s quest to find Ellie inadvertently sends them to Faerie, a mysterious land saturated with magic. They’ll have to find a way out of the realm and get back on track less they lose her forever.


BOOKS OF MAGIC #7’s cover features the classic pastel art of Kai Carpenter. The illustration depicts Timothy and Rose in the midst of a forest in Faerie, complete with watchful eyes to emphasize the dangerous nature of the realm.

The issue’s inner story features fantastic artwork from Tom Fowler, Brian Churilla, Jordan Boyd, and Todd Klein. Fowler’s illustrations of Faerie’s environment captures the magic that suffuses it, and Churilla’s inks accentuate their details more so. Boyd uses earthy colors in the creatures of Faerie to highlight their dependence on the magical land. In addition, Klein employs cursive lettering for the Faerie inhabitants to help readers imagine Timothy’s journey is taking place within a child’s storybook.


Issue #7 dives deep into Timothy’s connections, both in regard to Rose and the land of Faerie itself. Readers will eagerly anticipate the reveal of these answers in the next issue.

What do you think is Timothy’s connection to Faerie? Let us know in the comments below!


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