Review: Bloodshot #1 – Must read! Blood and chaos

Publisher: Valiant Comics
Release Date: 7/11/2012

It’s the start of a new mission for one of comics’ all-time best-selling superheroes in Bloodshot #1 — the first issue of new ongoing series from acclaimed novelist Duane Swierczynski (Immortal Iron Fist, Birds of Prey) and the lethal artistic tag team of Manuel Garcia (Checkmate) and Arturo Lozzi (Immortal Weapons)! Your name is Angelo Mortalli. Your brother is trapped behind enemy lines and on the verge of — no. That’s not right. Your name is Raymond Garrison. You’ve retired from the dangers of the field, but a desperate plea from your oldest friend plunges you into a vicious firefight that — no. That’s not right, either. You are Bloodshot. You are the shade of gray that freedom requires. The perfect confluence of military necessity and cutting-edge technology. A walking WikiLeaks that is a reservoir of dirty secrets that could set the world on fire. And you’ve just been captured.

Story: 9/10 • Artwork: 9/10 • Overall 9/10
I just want to make one thing clear, I never want to be Raymond Garrison aka Bloodshot! Duane Swierczynski does a brilliant job of making Bloodshot’s life a living hell in the first issue. Also, for a book called Bloodshot, Valiant filled their quote for blood in an issue. For those unfamiliar with the character of Bloodshot he has a healing factor like Wolverine and Swierczynski blows him to bits several times in this issue.

This is a solid read because the issue jumps right into the action without another re-telling of the origin. The overall plot mystery is set up with in the first pages and then Swiercynski tortues Bloodshot for the next 20 pages. It gets to a point where you really feel bad for the main character and you want to say, stop! How many times can you mess with a person’s mind and blow-them-up to boot!

The artist team of Manuel Garcia and Arturo Lozzi work very well together. The action scenes are very fast and intense. Also, if you’re going to blow-up a guy, you want these guys to draw it. The detail and movement in each panel make for a very immersed read.

Most of the plot-lines in Bloodshot are recycled but Swierczynski combines those moments to keep the reader and the main character off-balance. From where the book started on page one, it was very impressive to see the last page. This series could go in multiple directions and that is exciting. Bloodshot #1 has a very excessive cliff-hanger moment that makes me want to break into Valiant Comics to read issue two.

When you don’t know who to trust or who is shooting at you, stories like this make for a fun roller-coaster of a ride of an experience. Buy Bloodshot #1 you will not be disappointed.

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Matthew Sardo
Matthew Sardo
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