Bleed Them Dry #2 changes the series' direction in ways that are both character based and have the reader invest in the worldbuilding.

Review: BLEED THEM DRY #2 – The Addiction For This New World Continues

Bleed Them Dry #2 from Vault will end the month of July with a revelation that changes the readers’ perspectives. After the first issue introduces the world of vampires and their dark secrets, readers are eager for more. After this issue this series might become addicting.

Bleed Them Dry #2 Story

Bleed Them Dry #2 keeps a keen interest on the vampires, especially as it relates to Detective Harper Halloway. Coming to terms with last issue’s revelations, she finds comfort in her savior Toyo Yamamoto. This act however isn’t just Eliot Rahal writing a character arc; it’s building Hiroshi Koizumi’s world. In comparison to last issue, this chapter displays how vampires actually run the world. Despite how relatively peaceful Asylum looks, there are dark secrets abound. As for Atticus Black, he also comes to finding his world changed thanks to gaining prosthetics. With the way he reacts readers can only imagine what this means for him.


Dike Ruan continues to displays very impressive architecture and detail in Bleed Them Dry #2. The buildings and their unique shapes would present marvels, but seeing them from a lower angle denotes a different feeling. A feeling of unfamiliarity and suffocation, the same applies to Black waking up to his impressively detailed prosthetics. But what really sets that feeling home is the coloring by Miquel Muerto. The watercolors of the buildings’ lights feel like illusions against the dark structures. This make the lights feel less like a means of comfort and more of a distraction. Even the natural sunlight feels like an enemy due to its bleak whiteness causing Black to burn.


The lettering by Justin Birch of AndWorld Design continues to display every word as an extension of character. Throughout Bleed Them Dry #2 word balloons show how the characters express themselves. Most vampires have their word balloons surrounded by a red outline when their emotions are high. With knowledge that “immortals” make up the higher ups of Asylum, the police captain’s discussion with the mayor has an additional layer of weight. He tries all that he can to avoid upsetting the mayor less he feels her wrath. Yet it’s the time when the colored captions speak at minimum where emotions are at their highest. Toyo in particular always feels cool even in the face of danger; yet his yellow-orange captions express that it’s because Toyo feels he already lost his place in the dark but vibrant world.

Bleed Them Dry #2 Is A Transfusion

Bleed Them Dry #2 enhances an already impressive story by diving into another part of the world. As the world of vampires in commodity reveals its darker undertone. These revelations give not just a new perspective but waits around the corner. There are still questions that need answers and any enlightenments will come with a price.

Do you think this series has something going for it? Is it as addicting as the above describes? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Jake Palermo
Jake Palermo
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Bleed Them Dry #2 changes the series' direction in ways that are both character based and have the reader invest in the worldbuilding.Review: BLEED THEM DRY #2 - The Addiction For This New World Continues