Review: ‘Berserk’ Episode 4


This episode features some the return of some of the lost characters from the Golden Age Arc. For those who didn’t see the movies and only saw the original series you maybe surprised to witness a few more characters who actually survived Griffith’s transformation and the slaughter by Godhand’s demon horde. The two survivors are Casca and Rickert. One has been working to become a blacksmith and the other is still traumatized by the attack.

Terror and lose are usually the themes of this show but here they come front and center. While Rickert has found a way to deal with the loss he suffered by making a sword graveyard to represent all of his fallen comrades in the Band of the Hawk, Guts has done nothing but keep running after monsters so he can kill them. Of course, Rickert was able to escape the battle without one of the monster symbols being branded on him. This means he doesn’t have to deal with monsters whispering in the dark to him even in areas where he supposed to be safe like Guts does.

The new conflict Guts will have to deal with is also introduced. He will have to track down Casca who has wandered off and is not in right mind due to the attack. Unfortunately, she is very close to the Grand Inquisitor Mozgus, and his crazy, mixed up, and highly trained torturers. It will be interesting to see if they actually pose a threat to Guts or if he will be able to make short work of them. This is a good character building episode with a little dash of violence to remind others not to get too comfortable as death is always right around the corner. Of course this is always the mindset you need to have while watching this show.

Berserk is streaming on Crunchyroll.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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