Review: ‘Berserk’ Episode 3

Night of Miracles

After escaping with Lady Farnese in tow, Guts makes his way to the estate of the late Count Landson. There he finds his target, one of the Apostles of the Godhand. It becomes very apparent what Guts’ mission is going to be. He will track down every Apostle he can find until they point him towards where Griffith is so he can take his revenge. Pretty good plan but it might involve Guts getting his butt kicked on a regular basis to accomplish it.

This episode really helps to show just how deranged and manipulative the demons in the world can be. If they don’t plan on eating a person for dinner, they intend to possess them and use them as a puppet to kill their friends. Given the atrocities they can commit its surprising their existence isn’t common knowledge. Of course, maybe there are more people in this world like Lady Farnese and they don’t want to believe in things going bump in the night which want to eat them for a late night snack.

This would be a good time to talk about the censorship in this episode. In the past characters have been used light or steam to cover the nudity of characters for broadcast reasons. In this case they choose to simple remove Lady Franese’s nipples entirely and will no doubt have them added for the physical media release. It just seems odd, there choice of willing to broadcast ultra violence complete with heads getting chopped off but the female nipple still can’t be shown for fear of some kind of complaint.

Despite the odd censorship choices this series is really starting to pick up and become one of the best animes of the summer. If you haven’t taken the time to check it out click the link below.

Berserk is streaming on Crunchyroll.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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