Review: ‘Berserk’ 9: More Evil Emerges

Blood Flow of the Dead


Casca really can’t catch a break. Moments before she is about to be put in an iron maiden, she is saved by demonic magic and captured by a group of tortured souls. They emerge as some kind of gelatin beasts and frankly aren’t exactly very eye catching or memorable. Just as it seems the viewer can get used to the lackluster animation, moments like this come up and make it just as hard to watch.

Nina really is probably one of the most annoying characters to come out in anime this year. She is so whiny, the members of the church whose job it is to torture those they find to be heretics can’t stand her. These people hear others beg for mercy on an hourly basis and don’t give them any sympathy. She doesn’t even learn from her experience or grow as she thinks about letting Luca fall to her death later in the episode. Seriously what is this character good for?

An apostle of the God Hand finally makes its move. Apparently it hadn’t been controlling Mazgus the entire time. This means he was doing all this craziness and fanaticism on his own accord. He really is a messaged up character and after the events of this episode it looks like he is going to be an even bigger thrown in Guts’ side. This should be good because there was barely any action this episode. Having to put up with the bad animation has already made this show hard enough at times to watch but when episodes like this happen where their is more talking and focus on unnecessary characters then medieval combat it really makes it hard to defend it against some of its more harsher critics.

Berserk is streaming on Crunchyroll.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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