Review: ‘Berserk’ 7: Lamenting For More

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Ever watch an episode of a series and ask yourself why you didn’t enjoy it more? This is the case with the latest episode of Berserk. Despite the fact it features Guts fighting against Mozgus and gives some pretty impressive bits of combat you don’t find yourself cheering the swordsman onto victory. Instead, you find yourself sympathizing more with the Skull Knight or the Egg of the World. One laments about how this outcome was inevitable and the other talks about how he just wants a good seat to watch the ending come to pass. It’s almost like the two of them are acting as the voice piece of the majority of the audience. The watchers have either already figured out how this arc will end and are wondering why it’s taking so long to wrap up or they just want a good seat to watch it all finish. Either way, no one is as happy as they really thought they would be with this series.

The episode isn’t without a few high moments. Mozgus’ demonic armored angel form really is impressive. Puck does the solar flare attack from Dragonball Z to save the group. Vice Commander Azan shows why he was one of the best characters who didn’t get nearly enough screentime this season. And in a very heartwarming moment, Guts is able to hug Casca. He really will go through anything to protect her.

This episode is lackluster at a moment it really shouldn’t be. Fans should be on top of the hill and ready to shake their fists with anger the next season of this show isn’t on the fall schedule. Instead everyone is just sitting around and waiting for the season to come to an end. This shouldn’t be how a series which was so anticipated like Berserk goes out. It should be on the level of the last fight of The Return of the King but it’s not even close.

Berserk is streaming on Crunchyroll.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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