Review: ‘Berserk’ 6: Feast Of Depravity

A Night Time Feast; Burning at the State

There isn’t as much demon slaying action as their has been in previous episodes but there is still a lot of discontent amongst the people and revelations to make this episode worthwhile. First off, Guts meets up with his old buddy the Skull Knight. For those who only watched the original series, this was the individual who swooped in during the God Hand’s slaughter and saved Guts and Casca. He’s true identity has’t been known yet, but he makes two things clear: he is an enemy of demons and one of the God Hand members may be nearby. Looks like Guts is going to have very big battle ahead of him.

There also is a glimpse into the nightlife of the refugees. It appears not all of them are suffering from starvation and have instead taken up a very weird ritual. They have begun dancing around a boiling pot which is causing them to hallucinate and have an orgy of naked dancing and sex. The use of some very odd bits of animation really helps the entire things to feel like a mind trip.Still, hopefully scenes like this will be used sparking as the it’s better to have less moments which look rushed and out of place.

Casca also has some development this issues. Sadly she hasn’t been able to recover her former mindset but instead she appears to be under the protection of the same demon which warned Guts she was in danger. Unfortunately, this aid now makes everyone think she is a witch and it’s not the best idea right now to be a witch when the local church regularly burns them at the state.

It’s a decent episode but it’s bizarre moments don’t really do much to develop the plot. Hopefully Guts’ arrival next time will result in the movement the story needs.

Berserk is streaming on Crunchyroll.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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