Review: ‘Berserk’ 10 : The Egg’s Plan

Hell’s Angels


The secret behind recent events finally becomes known. The acolyte of the God Hand, The Egg of the Perfect World takes the time to reveal who is and what he plans to do. Before becoming all demonic, he was a human who was completely rejected by society because he was a beggar and he used the name Nobody. He became a hermit who was living underground until his home was used as a corpse pile. It was then the God Hand gave him his powers and his new form, which looks surprisingly like Behelit, the egg shaped items which designate those they chose to be worthy. He now wants nothing more than to slaughter all the humans around in an effort to open a gate to the other world where the God Hand reside so they can come to our world. This is a fairly interesting segment but unfortunately comes a bit too late in this story line. This demonic egg is more interesting as a character than Nina has been for her entire appearance on this show and this is the first episode he has really interacted with anyone. He is only now getting a chance to reveal what he was plotting while he was observing everything from the shadows. It would have been much more interesting if he had told someone his plan earlier. Maybe before giving Mozgus and his team powers.

Other than this interesting bit of exposition from The Egg of the Perfect World, not much else happens in the episode. Guts is still fighting the different minions of Mozgus but is having some difficulty taking them on. It’s basically been proven so far, if a person isn’t Guts then they are useless on the battlefield. This puts a lot of pressure on him as a character as he has to supply all the hack and slash action the fans came to this series for in the first place. At least back with the previous series there was the entire Band of the Hawk to take some of the responsibility off Guts. At least for a little while anyways.

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Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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