Review : Batwoman #6 Batwoman Takes the Fight to Medusa

Batwoman #6

Story By: J.H Williams III and W. Haden Blackman

Art By: Amy Reeder

Score : 8/10

Batwoman #6 starts a new arc in the life of Kate Kane as well as new artist Amy Reeder taking over duties for J.H Williams III. Williams III and Blackman jump around a bit this issue focusing a couple of pages on Batwoman , her father Jacob, Her Girlfriend Maggie , Detective Chase, Kate herself , and finally Maro. While the dialogue in each story is written very well the choice of breaking up the narrative takes you out of each character moment to quickly. Batwoman is working alongside Detective Chase now taking the fight to Medusa. Her father has spending a lot of time along side Kate’s cousin while she lay in a coma . Her fathers story in this issue is especially heartbreaking in that you get a sense he misses his daughter but this may be the closest he will get to spending time with any of his extended family.

Maro is introduced this issue and Williams and Blackman show us who was responsible for the Weeping Woman  from the last Batwoman Arc. Its very dark and sets up some mystery behind what I assume is the Mastermind behind the Medusa Organization. Batwoman has always had a bit of magic and mysticism in it and its nice to see Williams III and Blackman not shy away from that element. Detective Chases story sees her alongside Batwoman and shows us that Kate has received a new suit courtesy of the Detective.

Amy Reeder stretches her artistic legs in Batwoman #6

Amy Reeder starts her run on this issue . She will be doing all of the covers and interiors during this arc. While she isn’t o the same level as J.H Williams III I’m happy to say that her art is a nice compliment to the story this issue. The parts involving Batwoman closely emulate Williams III style and lay out  but I am more fond of the character driven moments Reeder draws. She has draws a great range of facial expressions and mixes up perspectives enough to give the book a very clean and crisp look. I would like to see her let loose a bit more during the action sequences  but overall its she does a fine job.

Overall another well written story this issue that is hurt just a bit by Williams II and Blackman’s choice in breaking up the narrative . However strong art and great dialogue still makes this a book that deserves to be on your pull list monthly.

Mike DeVivo

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