Review: Batwoman #3


Written By: J.H. Williams III & W. Haden Blackman

Art By: J.H. Williams III

Review Score: 9/10

J.H Williams III and W. Haden Blackman’s Batwoman series continues to epitomize what should happen when you let a story breathe and allow a master artist and story-teller do most of the heavy lifting . Williams uses a unique way to show what the Weeping Woman does to her victims. Again the first four pages of this book will leave you in awe . As Kate is pulled under water she struggles and the bubbles she creates become panels that show Kate losing her grip on reality. Kate still hasn’t completely forgiven herself  for the death of her sister and the Weeping Woman preys off of her fear. However at the last-minute she snaps out of her trance and comes back for air , only to have Agent McDonagh waiting for her.

Batwoman makes a very quick retreat after her standoff and comes home to her cousin and sidekick Flamebird. Kate’s character is further developed as she continues to lash out at those closest to her. Her attempt to stop her cousin from fighting crime herself, turns into a very abrupt argument that leads to her cousin leaving her apartment. Kate believes by pushing the people in her life away she’s making them safer , but its nice to see Williams and Blackman take time out to have her reflect on her actions showing us she’s her harshest critic. We also get to see deeper into her personal life  as her Girlfriend shows up when Kate’s at her weakest and she finally lets her defenses down.  The focus is then shifted back to McDonagh who decides to question Kate’s father hoping for him to agree with a truth she already knows , that Kate and Batwoman are the same person. When McDonagh doesn’t get the answers she wants she decides to go after Kate’s cousin.

William's art continues to be nothing short of amazing

The issue ends with Flamebird going on patrol alone with McDonagh and The Weeping Woman  on her tail. Kate’s finally opening up to someone , but at what cost? After three issues this book continues to deliver a well-rounded story anchored by amazing art and a fresh take on female Superhero as we know it.

Mike DeVivo

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