Batman #8 – Night of Owls Begins!


Story By: Scott Snyder

Art By: Greg Capullo and Jonathan Glapion

Issue #8 of Batman starts off with Bruce finally coming to terms with his behavior regarding the Court Of Owls and him finally coming to the conclusion that he’s been acting like a stubborn fool.  Scott Snyder gives just enough time to focus on Bruce being tortured physically and mentally. I like that he allows the events of the past 7 issues to finally sink in with Bruce.

It only lasts for a few seconds though. During his conversation with Alfred they both notice sounds on the roof and from that point on Snyder and Capullo put together one of the most energetic and suspenseful issues yet of Batman.

Bruce and Alfred go into full Panic Room Mode. With Bruce sending Alfred to the Bat Cave as he defends Wayne Manor from The Court and their Army of Talons. Snyder allows Greg again to tell large parts of the story through panel progression. While Capullo amazes us with the art, Snyder gives the Talons sentence after sentence of noteworthy Dialogue. The Talons are creepy, in a Slasher Film kind of way. “Hoot Hoot” will forever give me chills from now on.

A brief glimpse at Capullo and Glapion's amazing work in Batman #8

There is a constant sense of fear and worry as Bruce and Alfred are split up and left to fend for themselves. The issue again runs at breakneck speed and it ends on a bad ass cliffhanger. I also commend Snyder for continuing to throw new tools and gadgets at the reader keeping things constantly fresh and fun “Where does he get those wonderful toys” indeed.Capullo continues to draw amazing panel after panel of action. Every choice and panel seems thought out in detail and it shows in the amazing results on the page. With the final page hinting that Batman may finally start giving the Owls something to fear themselves.

There is a back up story co written by Snyder and newcomer James Tyonin IV. It establishes two things. First it gives Alfred a larger role in the story and how the rest of the Bat Family comes into play during Night Of The Owls. Second it effectively sends The Talons into full on Horror film territory as they target and execute Public Figures across Gotham City. The art for the backup is also great in focusing on the terror and overwhelming fear a normal human would have when confronted with a creepy Owl Man staring at them.

Scott Snyder and Greg have created a group of Villains that have invaded the culture of the Batman Mythos in a way I haven’t seen since the “Hush” arc for better or worse.I love this series and I continue to be amazed at the level of consistency and quality of this book. You’re a fool if you’re not reading this series , it’s that simple.

Review Score 9.5/10

Mike DeVivo

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