Review : Batman #6 Batman Has seen better days


Story By: Scott Snyder

Art By: Greg Capullo and Jonathan Glapion

Review Score : 8.5/10

After a pretty insane sequence of events last issue Scott Snyder decides to lay off of the narrative a bit and let Capullo do most of the heavy lifting this issue. That’s not to say that Snyder doesn’t continue to push the narrative forward. He finally introduces us to the odd dynamic between Talon and the Court of Owls. Snyder write the relationship between Talon and the Court of Owls almost like what you would expect a conversation between a Dominatrix and her submissive client would sound like. The whole thing is very creepy and uncomfortable as Batman continues to take punishment as he is surrounded by the court.

It’s in this moment that Snyder and Capullo show how in sync they are telling this story. As Capullo alternates in and out of panels , Snyder writes Bruce as someone who is on the edge of giving up between a panel of Batman’s Eye welling up with tears as he looks at a picture of his Ancestor Alan Wayne being tortured by the Court years before, its a mix of Snyder’s spot on narrative set to a progression of just his eye welling up that really breaks your heart. Batman snaps and fights back against the Court and Talon and makes his escape with the help of a few things lying around the Labyrinth . Snyder continues to keep Batman’s fate a mystery though as he finds that while he left the maze he still can’t escape the Court.

This issue reads very fast because Batman and Talon fight through the majority of said issue, but Snyder still manages to add new layers to the Court and present Batman and the entire Batman Family with a huge problem on their hands going into the next issue. I am really enjoying everything about this series but what i love most thus far is the collaboration process between Snyder and Capullo.Yes this book continues to be great and you should be reading it.

Mike DeVivo

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Matthew Sardo
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