Review: ‘Back To The Future: Citizen Brown’ #3: Dystopia By Brown

Marty and Doc have outwitted the Tannen family, but at what cost? When the DeLorean speeds back to 1986, our heroes discover that Hill Valley is now a walled-in city held under the sway of the mysterious CITIZEN BROWN. And Marty’s going to have to solve things on his own–because Doc has just faded from existence!


After all the hype, Marty has arrived in a very different future. The titular future of Citizen Brown is here, but it is not the bright and shining world you would think it to be. Instead, it’s a dystopia where citizens are under constant surveillance and under the belief that they will only receive rewards for being as obedient as possible.

This is where things get good. Marty has to work on setting things right in a future where his best friend is out to get him. Writing team Bob Gale and Erick Burnham are telling a very great story and are no doubt causing many to go and play the original game the series was based on. It’s half tempting to run out now and buy the game and beat it to see how Marty is going to find a way to set everything right.



The artwork continues to be a faithful mixture of the game and movie that this series was based on. A special shout out to Alan Robinson for making the last page be a great homage to A Clockwork Orange. It even has the character’s eyes pried open so they have to take in what is happening to them. It’s detail work like this fans can really appreciate.


This story has finally become a bit of essential reading. It took a few issues to build it up but from here the story has become a miniseries fans will be eagerly waiting for the release of the next issue.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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