AQUAMAN #59 provides readers with a thrilling clash between brothers, employing the forces of nature in the process.

Review: AQUAMAN #59—A Clash Of Gods And Titans

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After a brief hiatus, AQUAMAN is ready to turn the tide with another action-packed story. Hitting comic book stores on Wednesday, May 27th, issue #59 features a clash between kingdoms, gods, and monsters unlike ever before. The sleeping Mera, unaware of her and Arthur’s child Andy’s disappearance, lies helpless, leaving Arthur to search for answers alone.


Like a mighty underwater current, Arthur storms the throne of his (supposed) villainous brother Orm once dispatched to find Andy. The king of Atlantis knows how much trouble his sibling has caused in the past and deems him the most likely culprit.

Soon Orm’s guards attempt to subdue Arthur, but it is the ruler of Dagon himself who calls for mercy. In this way, writer Kelly Sue DeConnick gives us a lesson in preconceived notions—we should be open to change, even in our greatest foes.

Just as Arthur hits this dead end, readers are brought to the home of the Old Gods. It seems Caille is the only one in the group taking the disappearance of Andy seriously, going so far as to claim the gods are impotent. In a sense, she demands something that’s so often shared by many when faced with the problem of theodicy: “You’re gods. Do god things.” In this instance, we feel her rage at supposedly supernatural beings taking a backseat when they seemingly solve the problem.

Alas, Caille gives up on her divine friends and seeks out Jackson Hyde for help. But the only source he finds may be the biggest gamble of the series so far.


The illustrations of underwater life leap off the page in this issue. Creating engaging scenes in such a setting is often difficult for artists, but this group was clearly up for the task. Robson Rocha’s penciling and Daniel Henriques’s ink work craft beautiful buildings that litter the Atlantis cityscape, which are full of deep oceanic hues thanks to Romulo Fajardo Jr.’s coloring. And Clayton Cowles’s lettering fits in perfectly; the fluid fonts seem to flow alongside the water itself.


AQUAMAN #59 provides readers with a thrilling clash between brothers, employing the forces of nature in the process. We hold our collective breaths as our heroes attempt to control the harsh realities of life.

Do you think Arthur could have beaten Orm in a true one-on-one fight? Let us know in the comments below!

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