SPAWN #313 introduces menacing new threats in an engaging way.

Review: Al Simmons Takes On The World In SPAWN #313

SPAWN #313, available in comic book stores on Wednesday, December 23rd, concludes the Cult of Omega story arc in epic fashion. After countless hours of searching for missing Hellspawn, Al Simmons finally decides to contact someone who isn’t on the best of terms with him—the ultimate last resort. The story that ensures takes readers across the world in a last ditch attempt to prevent the universe from coming apart at the seams.


The first half of the issue focuses once again on Gunslinger Spawn as he deals with the aftermath of Heaven’s most recent attack. But out of the blue Jessica Priest arrives on the scene. The latter senses a disturbance among their kin, and offers to assist Gunslinger. Their interaction is as testy as one would expect, but sees the two getting close to being on the same page.

The tales shifts to Al’s perspective shortly after. Despite operating with much less power than usual, Al wastes no time beginning his search for a cure for his pal Overt-Kill. He realizes he must visit someone, but decides to take his friend along as back-up.

Knowing full well about the danger facing Hellspawn throughout the world—not to mention his weakened state—our hero still places himself in harms way to protect his ally. Unfortunately, the monstrosity they find themselves facing could be more than the two of them can handle.

Writer Todd McFarlane takes readers on a journey at break-neck speed. Yet the highly detailed narration ensures they’re able to follow each moment of action. It was great getting to dive deeper into Al, Jessica, and Gunslinger’s unique personalities.


Carlo Barberi’s penciling, ink work, and coloring crafted equally intriguing locales no matter where the scenes took place. The flat, nearly barren farmland makes one think they’ll see tumbleweed rolling across any second. Then, we find ourselves moved into a laboratory, and eventually find ourselves on an uncharted island. These scenes may move quickly, but letterer Tom Orzechowski’s dialogue boxes makes each set of illustrations easily navigable.


SPAWN #313 introduces menacing new threats in an engaging way. It was great getting to see Al, Jessica, and Gunslinger react to challenges in their own ways.

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Corey Patterson
Corey Patterson
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SPAWN #313 introduces menacing new threats in an engaging way.Review: Al Simmons Takes On The World In SPAWN #313