Read The First 4-Pages Of SPIDER-MAN CURSE OF MAN-THING #1

Did Captain America go inside Man-Thing, weird?

SPIDER-MAN CURSE OF MAN-THING #1 hits your local comic book shop next week, but thanks to Marvel Comics, you can read the first four pages right here.

The book is written by Steve Orlando, with art by Marco Fialla, Guru-eFX dropped the color, you will read Clayton Cowles’ letter work, and Daniel Acuña created the cover.


DISCOVER THE HORROR MAN-THING HIDES WITHIN, IF YOU DARE! MAN-THING‘s supernatural abilities have been pirated thanks to HARROWER, a zealot intent on clearing humanity off the board so a new species can get a shot at the top. The world burns, and fear is the accelerant! Meanwhile, SPIDER-MAN races across New York desperate to avert disaster and find the one man that just might be able to get through to Man-Thing…his former colleague CURT CONNORS, A.K.A. THE LIZARD! But deep within the Man-Thing’s psyche, it’s Spider-Man that discovers something he never expected: a devilish secret and a doctor seeking redemption. Part 2 of 3!

Enjoy the preview below.

Matthew Sardo
Matthew Sardo
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