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The Emmys announced the 2017 nominees over a month ago. Seven drama series were specifically nominated for Best Drama. There are definitely some great shows the Emmy awards failed to recognize. However, the Emmys did choose some great shows for the Best Drama category. Here’s our ranking of the seven shows in contention for the title.

6The Crown

The CrownThe fact that The Crown is nominated for Best Drama defies logic. Quite frankly, the show is boring. It boasts some talented actors, but no real intrigue. The Crown’s entire appeal is based on the viewer’s appreciation for British history. If you fall into that category, however, you’re better off watching a documentary. Some good acting & costumes doesn’t make The Crown worth watching.

House of Cards

House of Cards

When House of Cards first premiered, it was phenomenal. However, after five years, the shine has started to fade. The once strong Emmy contender is only scoring new nominations off its former glory. Many of the most interesting characters and plots have been written off. Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright are good actors, but aren’t bringing anything new or exciting. House of Cards may deserve legacy awards, but it is no longer one of the “Best Dramas” anymore.

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