WWE NEWS: Randy Orton Declares War on Independent Wrestling

Over the weekend, WWE Champion “The Viper” Randy Orton, struck independent wrestlers of all sizes, shapes, and ages with a “Tweet read round the world.”

Here is the tweet in question, sent no doubt after a few cold ones after a SmackDown live event in Denmark…

This rant set off a pretty extensive chain reaction on Twitter. Some professionals, like Low-Ki, took offense to the Tweet in question…

While others decided to take the high road and make light of the comments..

Gotta love those Young Bucks who took time away from counting all their sweet merch money to accept Orton’s apology.

Any way you slice it, these words are going to create a dialogue through the internet wrestling community.

Whose side are you on? What do you think of Randy Orton and his rant? Leave your thoughts, questions, and comments below. Also, most importantly, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @themikeycuralli!

Mikey Curalli
Mikey Curalli
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