Questionable Content Vol. 6 Funded on Kickstarter

The Kickstarter for Questionable Content Vol. 6 went live on April 11th, and has been fully funded at $55,000 four days later.

Questionable Content, written by professional webcartoonist and indie music aficionado Jeph Jacques, began in 2003. Originally, it was just some silly comics about a depressed, overworked guy and a perverted robot. However, it evolved into a love letter to the hipster culture of Northampton in the early 2000s, including fashion, indie bands and coffee shops.

Topatoco carries the first five volumes of Questionable Content. Volume Six covers the story from strip 1500 to 1799, which is still well behind the online daily strips (currently at 3460).

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The Kickstarter for Vol. 6 is fully funded, but has yet to reach its stretch goals. The stretch goals, set at 69, 80, and 91 thousand respectively, are for reprints of the first three books. The first three were printed in a different format; the reprints mean that they will match the newer prints.

Since the Kickstarter doesn’t close for another month, it’s hard to say yet whether or not it’ll reach the stretch goals, but it looks likely. The recent Dumbing of Age Book Six Kickstarter has reached all but one of its stretch goals with 10 days to spare, and its highest stretch goal is more than double its first. These are examples of the power of crowdfunding, especially from artists as popular as Willis and Jacques.


With the success of the latest Kickstarter and the impending Vol. 6, it’s worth taking a moment to realize that Jeph Jacques has been working on this comic for a stunning 14 years. It’s not his only project, either. Jacques began drawing Alice Grove in 2014, and his indie post-metal band Deathmøle has been around more or less since 2005.

There’s been no indication that Jacques has any intention of ending Questionable Content any time soon. The latest story arcs open up new paths to explore, and plot points hang unresolved from past conflicts. It’s exciting, then, to think about what QC’s fifteenth birthday will bring next year – and if the print books will ever catch up to the online strips. (With five strips a week, it isn’t likely, but Jacques is bringing in almost 10k a month from Patreon alone – so who knows?)

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Elliott Dunstan
Elliott Dunstan
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