Monkeys Fighting Robots

I Kill Giants hits select theaters and on-demand services next week, so it’s a perfect time to look back at the source material and see what made it such a big hit in the first place. Does the comic live up to the hype?


Barbara is not your normal 5th grader. She has multiple weird head accessories, reads whenever possible, and insists that she kills giants. As her behavior draws the concern of her family, her school therapist, and her new friend Sophia, Barbara does her best to stick to her mission and ensure she eliminates all giants who cross her path.


The story by Joe Kelly has you guessing through the entire experience. Part of the time the reader believes the giants and mythical beasts are all in Barbara’s head. Other moments make you think she’s telling the truth and she’s the only one who will be able to fight against these creatures only she is aware exist. The book will keep you guessing until the absolute last moments about which scenario is the truth.

Thanks to the intrigue presented through the storytelling, this book has you turning pages unable to put it down. It slowly builds to a point which is stirring and will resonate with you long after reading it. The only downside is some of the language used is a bit harsh. It feels like the kind of book you would like to give to a younger reader to help them understand the more impactful stories which comics can tell, but it may not be an ideal choice.

I kill giants


JM Ken Nimura is the sole art designer for this book. The work produced is rough but effective. The characters seem deceptively simple but this lures the reader in and makes them unaware of the more adult drama which the book eventually resonates. The series is without color, but the effects seem to make up for this by making sure when the moments which have more highly detail art is captivating to look at.

The lettering also help drive the plot slowly towards the desired destination. The sound effects as the giants roar send a chill down your spine which are chilling. It is surprising this book was made by only one artist.


I Kill Giants is a book which should be in the library of every comic fan. It shows that comics don’t have to have multiple volumes, intense world changing events, or crossovers on top of crossovers to be entertaining. They just have to tell a good story with fantastic characters and memorable visuals.