This is Not a Beedrill: A Pokémon RPG is Coming to the Switch

Excuse that wonderful pun, but seriously, a “core” RPG Pokémon game is coming to the Switch. Pokémon Company president Tsunekazu Ishihara announced this amazing news today during the Nintendo E3 Spotlight presentation.

The only real information given was that it would a proper “core” RPG Pokémon game, developed by Game Freak, and it won’t be released until next year at the earliest. This differentiates it from recently announced Pokkén Tournament DX, which is being ported to the Switch. It is also unclear if this is the rumored Pokémon Stars game, a console addition to the Sun and Moon games from the 3DS.

In any case, this is welcome news for any fans of the franchise, who have been asking for a console Pokémon RPG since right about always. While new Pokémon games are seemingly always in development, they have rarely touched consoles. The last console game released before Pokkén was Pokémon: Battle Revolution for the Wii, and was received negatively.

The Pokémon Company announced last week that they were developing a new set of Sun and Moon games, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, for the 3DS. It was during that announcement that fans expected to hear something about a console version, but to no avail.

It remains to be seen what a “core” RPG Pokémon game for console really means. On the one hand, it could look very similar to Sun and Moon, with 3D graphics and a 3rd person perspective, while still running around a familiar grass-patched Pokémon world with turn based combat. On the other (and far more unlikely), it could be the long-dreamed-of open world Pokémon game, featuring active combat, dynamic environments, and full 3D modeled Pokémon. Given that they said it’s a “core” game, and might be released next year, it is doubtful they are reinventing the wheel.

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Eric Morales
Eric Morales
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