Sick, stylish, twisted, and often hilarious. The premise of 'Plastic' never stops being fun.
Plastic #4

‘Plastic’ Making A Serial Killer And His Sex Doll Lovable

Image’s stylish mini-series about a serial killer trying to get his sex doll wife back nears its end. Plastic #4 sees our heroic psychopath get one step closer to getting Virginia back.

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Plastic #4 sees Edwyn infiltrate and dispose of another handful of scumbags, saving one to interrogate. After a ton of blood and some eyeballs, he’s pointed in the direction of the human gambling chip he needs to save Virginia.

Edwyn is a special character. His murderous habits, and the regret that follows, make him a memorable and lovable nut-job. His shame when Gwen witnesses him in action again makes him more than a one-trick-psycho.

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He comes with a fun set of morals and habits as well. Writing “potty mouth” and “bigot” on his victims bodiless heads was a really nice touch.

The style of cartooning applies an extra sense of innocence to Edwyn’s facial expressions during some very gruesome scenes. Plastic gets away with making readers sympathize with this murderous lunatic.

The gags in Plastic are effective and never overstay their welcome. Edwyn still talking to the decaying corpse in the backseat is delightful.

The other characters populating Plastic‘s world are perfectly crafted pieces of shit. Bigots, perverts, and potty mouths all so instantly unlikable that each time they meet their end it’s deeply satisfying.

Plastic Gwen

Gwen’s angle remains to be seen. Edwyn may have saved her life accidentally, but she’s now fully supporting this psychopath and his love for a plastic sex doll. Will she end up selling him out or saving him?

With only one issue left, Plastic has set up the final showdown. Only one man, and his cronies, stands between Edwyn and his beloved Virginia.

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Five issues was probably the best choice of length for this strange tale. Hopefully this creative team continues to collaborate in the future. Plastic is a bloody and weird story to be proud of.

Brandon J. Griffin
Brandon J. Griffin
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Sick, stylish, twisted, and often hilarious. The premise of 'Plastic' never stops being fun.'Plastic' Making A Serial Killer And His Sex Doll Lovable