Patton Oswalt Replaces Bobby Moynihan in Syfy’s ‘Happy!’

The upcoming Syfy series Happy! has replaced Bobby Moynihan with comedian Patton Oswalt.

The change was announced on Saturday at Comic-Con, where it was immediately greeted with positive reception. The series is an adaptation of the Image Comics graphic novel by Grant Morrison and Darick Robertson, and will focus on Nick Sax, a man who gave up the charade of his corrupt tenure as a policeman to become a hitman. But in the midst of his alcoholism and being surrounded by sex, murder, drugs, and betrayal, Sax finds himself in the company of the titular character, a positive, imaginary, blue pegasus. The relentlessly happy horse will be played by Oswalt.

“We asked him if he wanted to do it, and he was like, ‘Fuck yeah.’ If you know Pat, this is right up his alley,” executive producer Brian Taylor said, addressing the scores in attendance at Comic-con. Oswalt is a renowned scene stealer, meaning that last part couldn’t be more true.

Moynihan, a Saturday Night Live alumnus, had to drop the project after realizing how busy his upcoming schedule had become. He recently left SNL to begin work on a Boyhood-style CBS comedy entitled My, Myself & I. He had been a cast member on the long-running sketch comedy series for nine years. Oswalt himself is quite a busy fellow, but his enthusiasm for the project appears to have trumped that.

Meloni, who was also at the panel, described the pleasure of acting opposite a cartoon character. “It’s fantastic. It’s awesome. They’re never late to set. They always know their lines. It’s really kind of nice because you get to control the scene. I will say it’s a luxury.”

Grant Morrison wrote the pilot for Happy! with Brian Taylor, who also directed the pilot. Patrick Macmanus will serve as its showrunner, with Taylor, Morrison, Neal Moritz, Pavun Shetty, and Toby Jaffe all signed on as executive producers.

What do you think? Are you happy to hear Oswalt replaced Moynihan?

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